The WeMo Wireless Dimmer Switch puts you in complete control

Would you enjoy having more control over your various lights, fans, and fixtures? If so, the WeMo Wireless Dimmer Switch is the ideal device for your smart home. This switch allows you to easily adjust your lighting levels at any time, schedule operations, and set timer rules via the WeMo App. It’s also fully compatible with a variety of smart home assistants and ecosystems. These include the smart voice assistants Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant as well as the Apple HomeKit smart ecosystem. It even works with the free IFTTT (If This, Then That) software platform.

What’s more, this switch requires no special hub to perform its function, is compatible with a variety of different lightbulb types, and is super easy to install. Now anyone can enjoy the convenience of the WeMo Wireless Dimmer Switch in their own smart home.

Fully compatible with the free WeMo App 

Part of what makes a smart device smart is compatibility and control via a special, dedicated app. The WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switch is certainly no exception. This switch works with the freely downloadable WeMo App, which is compatible with the latest smart phones, including Apple devices running iOS 10 or higher and Android based models running 4.4 or higher. 

The WeMo App also has an easy to use interface that makes it a breeze to control and schedule when your lights, appliances, or other electronic devices come on and go off—or how brightly your lights glow. If you forget to turn off a light before getting into bed, no problem! The WeMo App works for you, giving you complete control over your lights whenever, and wherever, you may need it, from anywhere in the world.

Works with the Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant

The WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer Switch is compatible with a variety of smart voice assistants and smart home ecosystems that allow you to easily control your lights and fixtures in a variety of convenient ways. 

One such example is the smart home ecosystem known as Apple HomeKit, which allows you to operate your WeMo Dimmer Switch with both the Apple Home App and the Siri smart voice assistant on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple HomePod. In other words, now you can engage Siri to do things like dim your lights for a movie or wake you up in the AM with a soft morning glow.

But Siri isn’t the only smart voice assistant option for controlling your WeMo switch. You also have the choice of using smart speakers with either the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa built in. Each of these options will give you hands-free voice control over your various lights and fixtures.

The WeMo Wireless Dimmer Switch even works with IFTTT 

For wide-ranging use with automated recipes that control your switch’s function, the WeMo Wireless Dimmer Switch also works with IFTTT. If This, Then That is Internet based freeware that allows users to create and share conditional command codes called applets. 

These applets work by a change or event in one place triggering a corresponding change in another. In other words, with IFTTT you can control your WeMo switch by having it change its status in response to what’s happening with something it’s connected to, such as another smart home device, or even a web service like Facebook.

This system can be useful in myriad ways, though the WeMo Wireless Dimmer Switch offers still more. For instance, it can be calibrated to work with different bulb types: LEDs, CFLs, and incandescents; it can control multiple WeMo devices with just a single press; and it even has a handy indicator light that makes it easy to find in the dark.

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