With 30 years of experience and development, Thrustmaster brings all of its know-how and technological expertise to the video game accessories market by providing gamers with unique, realistic products from beginner all the way to pro. Thrustmaster gaming accessories allow gamers to enhance their performance and better immerse themselves into their virtual worlds.

Thrustmaster racing wheels

For the casual or budget minded gamer, the Thrustmaster T80 for PS4 and PS5 or the Thrustmaster Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S racing wheels are a perfect choice. They come equipped with a large clamp on the base to secure the wheel to the surface of your desk. Both wheels come with 11 action buttons, a multi-directional D-pad and a 2 pedal gas/brake system.

Thrustmaster’s newest entry into the sim racing world, the T248 Racing Wheel, has a array of unique features. For example, fly force feedback adjustment allows gamers to set the level of resistance feltwhen steering. There is also a built in LCD screen, the Race Dashboard Display, that shows lap time, speed, and other useful information. Additionally, the next generation wheel offers 25 different action buttons, has a premium leather finish, and comes with a premium three-pedal magnetic pedal set. The 248 series of wheels is the perfect upgrade option for someone who is used to racing with the T80 or advanced T150 line of wheels.

The Thrustmaster T150 for PS4 and PS5 or the Thrustmaster TMX for Xbox are excellent advanced level racing wheels. They come with high-precision 11″ diameter wheels with mappable action buttons, smooth gears and 1080 of force feedback. You’ll also get large, optimized pedals with a wide and stable footrest.

The eSwap Pro Controller X customizable controller

The eSwap Pro Controller X is a fully customizable professional controller for Xbox and PC. It comes with interchangeable modules, which allow you to configure the controller to the way you play! You can swap the mini-sticks, D pad, triggers and more.

The eSwap Pro Controller X is made with high-quality industrial grade components. And, it comes with new NXG mini-sticks that ensure enhanced precision and resistance. It’s braided cable avoids disconnections and provides zero latency for instantaneous reaction.

Furthermore, the 4 extra buttons on the back of the controller can be remapped directly from the controller itself. And, there are locking catches that allow you to control the travel of both the RT and LT triggers. Additionally, you can save 2 different gaming profiles to the controller’s internal memory. This allows you to switch between either configuration in real time for instant adaptability!

Thrustmaster Flight Sticks

From entry level to advanced, Thurstmaster has a flight stick that suits your gaming and budget needs. The T Flight Hotas for PS4 and PS5 or the T Flight Hotas One for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S are excellent flight sticks. They provide a high level of realism with a stick that includes 5 axes, 14 action buttons, a rapid-fire trigger, a multi-directional hat switch and a full-size detachable throttle.

On the other hand, the TCA AirBus Edition flight stick is compatible with PC and comes with a built-in throttle axis and thrust reverser mechanism. It has 12 buttons on the base, 4 on the stick and 1 virtual button on the throttle. Additionally, it comes equipped with a new 8-direction point of view hat switch, 4 independent axes. And, it has a selector switch that allows you to configure the 12 buttons on the base for either right-handed or left-handed positions.

Finally, the HOTAS Warthog is a U.S. Air Force-licensed A-10C Warthog replica flight stick. Compatible with PC, this advanced flight stick weighs in at more than 14 lbs. It features 55 fully programmable action buttons and 2 four-direction hat switches. Moreover, the control panel includes a friction wheel and has back-lighting for functions. The base includes a “trim wheel” and 15 action buttons with many push buttons that have resistance and industrial metal switches with highly realistic pressure.

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