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Sony XB21, XB31, XB41, Speakers Overview

Sony XB21, XB31, XB41, Speakers Overview


Sony will have you ready for action with their lineup of new, portable wireless Bluetooth speakers. Available in a range of sizes and styles, the new XB speakers are made to give you EXTRA BASS along with a three dimensional sound and light experience. Plus, with a long battery life and rugged durability, you can take them wherever the action is.

The new EXTRA BASS speakers from Sony are available in three versions: the big and powerful XB41, the mid-sized XB31 and the compact and ultra portable XB21.

Each of the speakers is waterproof and has a built in Party Booster for those times when you need a little more boom in your box.


Sometimes you just need the music to cut through. When you need to feel the beat, or create a room-thumping vibe, count on Sony EXTRA BASS speakers to give your party a boost.

Found on the Sony XB21 portable wireless speaker, EXTRA BASS technology can deliver the boom you want, even outdoors where some other speakers would see sound and vibration bleed away. The new XB speakers build on Sony’s EXTRA BASS family to give you the deep and punchy bass you love to elevate any party scene.

Though the XB21 is compact in size, it still packs a powerful audio punch.


The mid-size speaker in the EXTRA BASS lineup is the XB31.

Featuring Sony’s LIVE SOUND mode, this speaker creates a 3D sound experience. The way the music emanates from the speaker makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a music festival with singers performing just for you. Plus with lighting effects that work to enhance your party atmosphere by keeping time with the beat, you’ll feel like a pro DJ has set up shop in your living room, or at your campsite.

Thanks to Sony’s new DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and the angled speaker, sounds feel like they’re spreading both up high, and out wide. The Sony XB31 and the other speakers in the line are designed to deliver deep bass which is particularly excellent for lovers of EDM, grime and hip-hop.


Thanks to an IP67 waterproof* design, you can take the big and powerful Sony XB41 anywhere there’s water; think the pool, the beach, camping, or along for the ride in an RV. Even if water gets on your speaker, it’s protected. Spill a drink or some rib sauce at the family BBQ? No worries. Thanks to the high quality fabric made exclusively for Sony in Japan, there’ll be no problem cleaning it.

The Sony XB41 can last all night and all day too. With up to 24 hours of battery life, you won’t have to worry about recharging too often.

*Waterproof IPX67 (Degree of protection against jets of water): Requires that all ports and covers are firmly closed. Capable of resisting a 12.5 ltr./min. spray of water from a distance of 2.5 meters for a period of 3 minutes. Liquids that the waterproof performance specifications apply to: fresh water, tap water and sweat. They are not applicable to liquids other than the above (soapy water, chlorinated water, seawater, etc.).


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