For the best party, all you need are a few friends, a great setting, and a Sony Party Speaker. Sony’s portable speakers deliver rich, clear sound, are portable and durable, and have built-in lighting to add to the fun. The Sony XP700 will fill your room with the booming sound of your party playlists. It has an X-Balanced Speaker Unit with front and rear high-efficiency tweeter to fill your room with music.

The Sony XP500 is a portable speaker designed for the party, offering powerful party sound with features that make your evening even more fun. Set up the Sony XG500 at your next party for the perfect indoor or outdoor party speaker with up to 30 hours of battery life.

Portable speakers with incredible sound

No matter which Sony Party Speaker you choose, you’ll have incredible sound quality. The Sony XP700 and XG500 are unique Sony-developed wireless speakers that bring the bass to every party. The Sony XP700 has multi-directional party sound provided by the X-Balanced Speaker Unit and two high-efficiency tweeters; one in the front and one in the rear.

The Sony XG500 also has an X-Balanced Speaker Unit with a high-efficiency tweeter and passive radiators. All three of these wireless speakers can pump up your playlists with punchy MEGA BASS™, achieving high sound levels while maintaining clarity for every song.

Keep the music flowing, rain or shine

When storm clouds roll in or you’ve taken your party to the lake, Sony Party Speakers will keep the music playing. The Sony SRS-XG500 is the go-anywhere, do-anything portable speaker that will keep playing even when it’s exposed to water, sand, or dust. It’s IP66 water-resistant, dustproof, and has a water-repellent mesh fabric cover that’s easy to clean and dry.

The Sony XP500 and Sony XP700 party speakers can stand up to splashes too. They both have an IPX4 splash-resistance rating, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally splash water on them or you’re caught out in the rain. When you do want to move the party under some cover, they are easy to pick up thanks to the easy-to-use handle.

Karaoke night is wherever you are

Some tunes just make you feel like singing. Whether you want to test out your chops on your own or host a karaoke competition with friends, the Sony MHC-V13 will keep pumping out your playlists. It has an integrated microphone input so you and your friends can belt out your favourite songs, and you can even connect a guitar to the microphone input to use the system as a guitar amp.

The Sony MHC-V13 offers you three modes to enjoy your music. Clean mode offers you clear sound, Overdrive gives you a distorted guitar sound, and Bass is the perfect mode for your bass guitar. To elevate every party, you can turn on the speaker light and tap into the Party Playlist and Karaoke Ranking via the Sony Fiestable app. It turns every party into an interactive experience for everyone who picks up the microphone. If you want to kick the party into high gear, the Sony MHC-V13 is a high-power system that will fill every venue with rich, clear audio. It has two high-efficiency tweeters and JET BASS BOOSTER to project higher and wider than other Bluetooth speakers, spreading the sound into every corner of the room.

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