Expand your game library with Seagate’s Game Drive for Xbox. Instantly add more storage capacity to your Xbox One or Xbox One X game consoles and say goodbye to the ‘storage full’ message. Store more and delete less with Seagate Game Drive, the only external hard drive designed exclusively for Xbox.

A companion for your Xbox console, add up to 4TB of portable storage with the Xbox Game Pass Drive or up to 8TB of storage with the Xbox Hub Drive. The sleek portable design of the Xbox Game Pass Drive will fit your gaming lifestyle by enabling you to easily take your games with you—anywhere you go. For even more demanding storage needs go big with Game Drive Hub for Xbox, a colossal 8TB hard drive with plug-and-play setup. Seagate Game Drive will keep you focused on beating that next game world, not managing your game and media library.



Xbox Game Pass is your ticket to an exclusive catalog of over 100 exciting games playable on Xbox One. Pair this gaming subscription service with Game Drive for Xbox and have room for all your favourite video games, from sports, to action-adventure, to family favourites and more.

Special Edition Game Drives include Xbox Game Pass membership. The 2TB Game Drive comes with a 1-month Xbox Game Pass subscription, and the 4TB Game Drive doubles your time with a 2-month subscription. Using the service, download 100+ games directly to your Game Drive to play online or offline in full-fidelity. The Xbox Game Pass catalogue includes fan-favourite Xbox One games, hit Xbox 360 titles, and the biggest retro classics.


Keep you world of games together with Game Drive Hub for Xbox. Its massive 8TB capacity gives you space for 200+ Xbox One games and substantial room left over for your game videos and screen captures. Download game updates and downloadable content without the worry of filling up your hard drive. Game Drive Hub for Xbox will making deleting your games and media a thing of the past.

Connect the Game Drive Hub to your Xbox One or Xbox One X console and enjoy high-speed USB 3.0 performance. Xbox automatically detects your drive and you’ll be game-ready in minutes. This officially licensed Xbox storage device also includes two front-facing USB 3.0 ports for convenient charging of your controllers and mobile devices. Using these port you’re also able to connect Xbox One accessories, including arcade sticks and steering wheels, and even other Game Drives.


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  1. Definitely I must, I have one on one system, and need another, especially with the 4K enhanced games…1TB disappears quickly.

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