New Power Delivery 3.0 chargers from Scosche

Scosche Industries, a leading innovator of consumer technology products for nearly 40 years, recently introduced their new line-up of chargers. The Scosche PowerVolt line includes compact wall chargers, dual-port wall chargers, and  car chargers, all equipped with advanced Power Delivery 3.0 technology.

With Power Delivery 3.0 onboard, these chargers seriously outperform the ones that come in the box with your mobile device. Power Delivery chargers can charge a device, such as a smartphone, up to 3X faster.

PowerVolt chargers are equipped with smart circuitry to prevent over-heating or overcharging to keep you and your devices safe. Each USB-C® charger is tested and certified to provide a safe, fast-charge to your USB-C device when used with a certified Power Delivery cable.

Charge your iPhone 3X faster

For many people, their new iPhone is a fantastic piece of technology except for one frustrating issue: the included charger is too slow. That’s because the charger that comes with your new iPhone X is limited to an output of 5W.

iPhone users can eliminate that charging bottleneck with a new 18W PowerVolt Power Delivery charger and StrikeLine™ MFi-certified cable, or Lightning-equipped home or car charger, and enjoy 3X faster charging.

That means if you have just 30 minutes to charge your iPhone, it will charge to at least 50%. And you can use PowerVolt chargers with all of your Apple Lightning devices.

USB-C PD delivers up to 18 watts of fast-charging power to all your USB-C devices

Compact but powerful, Scosche PowerVolt 18W wall chargers can replace all the mobile device chargers in your home or office, freeing up electrical outlets and freeing you from multiple tangled cables.

The PowerVolt 18W USB-C wall charger will charge all your USB-C devices. Choose the dual-port version to get both USB-C (18W) and USB-A (12W) ports for a combined 30-watt output. With the appropriate cable, such as the Scosche StrikeLine USB-C to Lighting cable (not included) these chargers are compatible with most USB-PD and USB-C devices, including:  iPhone X, 3rd generation iPad Pro®, Galaxy® S9 and Nintendo® Switch®.

PowerVolt wall chargers, with their compact size and folding prongs, are convenient for travel and eliminate the need to carry multiple chargers.

Smart circuitry keeps you, and your devices, safe

While you want to charge your devices as quickly as possible, for the sake of you, your device, and its battery, you want to charge it safely too. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Scosche PowerVolt USB-C power chargers have a built-in smart chipset  that prevents both overcharging and over-heating. Adoption of the Power Delivery 3.0 standard means devices exchange detailed information with the charger, including battery temperature, device malfunctions and reasons for any decreased charging speed.

USB-C PD uses a universal power delivery system, so you don’t have to be concerned about wattage levels.  By delivering the appropriate level and speed of power for each device, it is backwards compatible and future-proof. To maximize charging performance and protection of your devices, be sure to invest in a USB-C-certified cable.

PowerVolt Chargers and USB-C to Lightning cables come with Scosche’s three-year limited warranty.

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  1. This car charger seems really useful, I have bought a couple in the past but either they have stopped working or Apple patched out whatever access they were using to charge my phone. If this one is going to last longer I’ll look into buying it.

    I have a USB port in my car for carplay and charging, but if I don’t close some apps it will not charge my phone as quickly as my phone uses battery.

    I will definitely check this out!

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