Meet the Samsung HW-Q900A soundbar

A perfect complement to a Samsung QLED TV, though compatible with virtually any display, the Samsung HW-Q900A soundbar provides a full 7.2.1-channel audio experience in a small package.

Complete with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, you get a fully immersive audio experience with elevated sound from any direction to complement the on-screen action, whether you’re watching a movie or TV show, playing video games, or just listening to music.

The soundbar incorporates a host of technologies to ensure a great listening experience as well as Q-Symphony to ensure seamless syncing with a compatible Samsung TV. Enjoy a new level of acoustic immersion that suits all your entertainment needs.

Experience true 7.1.2-channel audio from one compact soundbar

Despite being a compact soundbar designed to fit under or above the TV, along with a companion subwoofer, the Samsung HW-Q900A offers true 7.1.2-channel sound via seven channels, a pair of up-firing channels, and a subwoofer channel. The result is sound that makes you feel like you’re part of the action, providing a captivating entertainment experience.

An ideal match for compatible Samsung QLED TVs, you can extend the audio to the entire room, with sound that surrounds you from in front, behind, and even above. It represents a new level of acoustic immersion.

No matter what you’re watching or doing, you can optimize the experience to match. Adaptive sound analyzes the sound signal and automatically delivers the best sound based on the scene. Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) isolates and clarifies dialogue to raise the sound of voices so you can hear the on-screen conversation clearly, even when the volume is on low.

Sound calibrated to fit your space

When used with a 2021 Samsung QLED TV (Q70 model and above), you can take advantage of SpaceFit Sound+. This technology optimizes audio for the best clarity and immersive experience, optimizing bass via Auto EQ, which leverages the included subwoofer to automatically fill the space with powerful bass and sound that is calibrated to the interior conditions of the room.

SpaceFit Sound, meanwhile, ensures the soundbar connects seamlessly to the compatible Samsung TV, tweaking audio using not only the soundbar but also analysis processed by the TV itself.

Need more? Opt for the SWA-9500S Wireless Surround Kit, sold separately, to wirelessly connect the soundbar to other speakers and create a full surround sound system. Note that you will need a power cable and speaker cables to complete the process.

Connectivity to meet your needs

The Samsung HW-Q900A can seamlessly connect wirelessly to a compatible TV via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If connected to a compatible Samsung TV, you can control power, volume, and even sound effects, all using the TV’s remote.

The soundbar also works with voice assistants (varying by region) so you can ask Alexa to play a song. Forgot the name? Recite some of the lyrics and Alexa will figure it out! If you’re listening to a playlist from a Samsung Galaxy phone (Android 8.1 and up), you can tap the device to the soundbar and it will vibrate to confirm connection then transfer the audio from your mobile device.

iOS device owners aren’t left out of the party: using AirPlay 2, play music and podcasts from a compatible iPhone, iPad, or Mac by tapping the AirPlay icon. And with HDMI eARC, you’ll get quality, lossless audio from other devices connected through the TV, too, like Blu-ray players or game console.

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