Ring Door View Cam is the Best Wireless Doorbell for Security and Convenience

Do you value security? If protecting your home is important to you, you’re going to love the new Ring Door View Cam. This smart and compact Wi-Fi doorbell features a built-in HD video camera that replaces the standard peephole in any doorway, providing unmatched security and convenience for your home’s main entry point.

The Ring Door View Cam also provides real-time notifications on your mobile device the moment a visitor rings, knocks, or triggers its motion sensors. And, responding to notifications is easy: You can see, hear, and speak to visitors directly, and from virtually anywhere in the world using your phone, tablet, or PC. You even have on-demand access to the Door Cam’s live feed.

The Ring Door View Cam works with Amazon Alexa, is quick and easy to charge thanks to its quick-release battery pack, and is equally easy to install—it even comes with the tools you’ll need to set it up. It works on any house, apartment, or condo door, easily replacing your existing peephole for the ultimate in security and convenience.

Upgrade Your Peephole with a Smart Doorbell Camera

The Ring Door View Cam is the perfect upgrade to your door’s existing peephole. Not only is it reliable and attractive, but it also features a 1080p HD video camera and two-way audio that easily allows you to see, hear, and speak to all your visitors.

While traditional peepholes require your eye to be hard up against them from the inside of the door, the Ring Door View Cam provides that possibility as well as the option of seeing your visitors on the screen of your smart phone or tablet.

It also works from virtually anywhere, instantly. As long as your mobile device has Wi-Fi access, you can check in with your smart doorbell camera at any time, whether a visitor is present or not. 

You can even take in a live view of the happenings in the area immediately outside your doorway at any time, on demand. For those that frequently travel and are often away from home, the Door View Cam provides excellent peace of mind.

Receive Instant Notifications when Visitors Come Calling

The Ring Door View Cam helps you feel secure and safe. You’ll enjoy a new sense of comfort and peace of mind knowing who is near your front door at all times, regardless of where you are. In addition to triggering notifications when the doorbell is pressed, visitors can also simply knock on the door or pass through the custom motion zones to begin video recording and send out notifications

This is desirable for a variety of different reasons. For one, you’ll never miss a welcome visitor again! And if the visitor isn’t welcome, you’ll be aware of them too just by their presence near your door—prowlers and package thieves rarely take the risk of ringing their doorbells. Additionally, some people simply prefer to knock, or may not even notice the doorbell at all initially, but you’ll still know they’re there, even if you’re not at home yourself. When the instant notification comes through to your mobile device, you’ll be able to see and speak to them and instruct them as you see fit.

Add extra security with optional Ring Protect Plans

Get even more out of Door View Cam with Ring Protect, a comprehensive service that activates video recording for one low price. It lets you review the moments you missed so you can share important ones with those who matter most. Even if you miss a notification, you can review and download your videos later. Enjoy the first 30 days with a free trial, then choose a plan that works for you and pay when your trial ends. Cover one device for $5 CAD/month or all of the Ring devices in your home for $15 CAD/month.

Note: Ring alarm service is currently not available in Quebec.

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