Introducing Polk Signature Series Hi-Fi Home Theatre Speakers

For the employees of Polk, designing and crafting audio products is much more than a job —it’s a passion. For more than 40 years, they have built our reputation as “The Speaker Specialists” by constantly innovating, always taking pride in delivering superior sound and build quality.

Their drive to ensure Polk audio delivers great sound at a price affordable to everyone has led to many patented and award-winning audio innovations. These include the exclusive and innovative Dynamic Balance and PowerPort® technologies that feature prominently in the Polk Signature series. 

These new Hi-Res certified home theatre speakers deliver exceptional sound for movies, TVand music in the Polk American HiFi tradition, but with a totally re-imagined design. Enjoy the experience of a big, immersive, surround sound theatre experience in the comfort of your own living room, with the new Polk Signature series. 

High-Resolution Audio Performance

Hi-Res audio offers the ultimate listening experience. With extremely high bit-rates and sample rates, Hi-Res audio files are unmatched in their ability to retain the details of the original source material. Listening to music or movies is an unparalleled experience, like actually sitting in the recording studio or a concert hall with the artist as they perform.

At least it is if your home theatre speakers are capable of fully supporting this demanding format.

The new Polk Signature series of speakers support high-resolution audio and more, with improved audio extension to a minimum of 40kHz. Featuring a newly designed Terylene dome tweeter, these home theatre speakers deliver high-end performance that’s crystal clear and detailed. The high notes in music are reproduced with sparkling clarity, and vocals are greatly improved in both music and movies.    

Exclusive Polk PowerPort® Deep Bass Technology

Whether listening to music or enjoying a cinematic masterpiece, bass is a critical part of the audio experience. Too often, speakers deliver weak low-end performance or bass that’s poorly controlled, robbing your listening experience of much of its impact.

Polk Signature series of home theatre speakers are equipped with exclusive, patented, Polk PowerPort® Deep Bass Technology that enhances low-frequency performance. 

This advanced PowerPort® design has several key advantages. It extends the bass port and this greater surface area eliminates turbulence and distortion. The transition of airflow from the speaker port to your listening area is also smoothed. These speakers pack a bigger low-frequency punch too, with PowerPort® delivering 3dB more bass response output than a traditionally designed bass port. You’ll hear and feel the results: bigger, deeper and more visceral bass impact, and a more authentically musical low-end.   

Dynamic Balance technology Driver Design

Bass and treble get a lot of attention when shopping for speakers, and for good reason. High and low-frequency response is crucial to speaker design, but it’s also critical that speakers be engineered so that neither dominates the mix. Otherwise, music and cinema suffer.

The Polk Signature series of home theatre speakers feature Dynamic Balance advanced driver design. This patented technology is constantly analyzing the speaker’s entire electro-acoustic and mechanical systems, in real-time. Dynamic Balance pinpoints any issues that might be reducing speaker performance and adjusts the acoustic array to eliminate them. This is all happening seamlessly in the background. All you know is that your Polk speakers with Dynamic Balance upgrade your music listening and home theatre experience, with a sound that is always rich, clean, and immensely enjoyable.

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