The PlayStation VR headset is your gateway to exploring vast new worlds. Compatible with both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, PlayStation VR makes it easy for anyone to immerse themselves in a growing library of virtual reality experiences.

PSVR’s industry-leading design is engineered for optimal balance and comfort. Its focus on adjustability means a perfect fit for any gamer, leaving them free from distraction as they delve into nearly-endless new realms of discovery.

A six-axis motion sensing system with a 100 degree field of view ensures a responsive, mesmerizing experience. Captivate your senses like never before with a whole new way to play.

Enjoy a colossal library of games and more

With both comfort and performance at the forefront, PlayStation VR allows players to lose themselves in the game. You’ll forget you’re wearing it at all once the adrenaline kicks in and your instincts take over. Feel the rush as you are transported directly into the middle of the action.

There are plenty of worlds to explore with PlayStation VR. Adventure after adventure awaits with an expanding collection of over 500 games and experiences. This includes access to the hottest virtual reality titles out there—not to mention many PlayStation exclusives that are only available for PlayStation VR.

The spectrum of software accessible to PSVR owners doesn’t just limit itself to games however. Other interactive titles let you explore real-world ancient ruins, visit the sets of your favourite blockbuster movies, and much, much more.

Feel the intensity of being surrounded by a living, breathing world

PlayStation VR incorporates a number of features and technical specifications to ensure that participation is all-encompassing. 360 degree vision means that no matter what direction you face, the environment around you offers a seamless field of view.

Furthermore, 3D audio pushes the boundaries with a new dimension in sound. Whether noises are coming from above, below, or all around, you’ll be able to perceive their direction and distance with amazing clarity. A built-in mic also makes it easy to chat with friends online. Use this feature in-game to plan and execute tactical strategy, or simply to connect in a virtual space.

Finally, you’ll see new destinations come to life every time you log in with a custom 5.7″ OLED screen. Feel your heart beat as you plunge into hyper real 3D environments that will stimulate your senses.

Simple setup with outstanding results

PlayStation VR delivers an impressive virtual reality experience with as few barriers as possible. As a result you won’t need an expensive gaming PC or vast technical know-how to get up and running. PSVR makes it simple for anyone to enjoy spectacular cutting-edge virtual reality.

Everything you need comes with the PlayStation VR bundle, and setup couldn’t be more simple. The PSVR headset simply plugs into the existing HDMI and USB ports on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console. The unit also features a stereo headphone jack, meaning that you can use the included headphones, or incorporate your own favourite pair.

With PlayStation VR you’ll never have to worry about updating your hardware or maintaining a costly high-end PC. With convenient integration to PlayStation consoles and setup that’s a breeze, immersive virtual reality is at your fingertips.

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