Know where your water goes and flows

You may not know how much water you actually use, but with the Phyn Smart Water Monitor, you can always find out. This product is a do-it-yourself (DIY) project that should be easy to install and manage. It has a built-in smart monitor that looks for any changes in water pressure, especially those caused by leaks. If it finds one, you will know about it through a notification on your smartphone.

It’s also built smart to learn your plumbing system, giving it the kind of insight necessary to tell you just how much water you’re using. View reports on the dedicated app on your phone or tablet, and ask for details through voice commands on popular digital assistants. Get alerts when something is wrong, giving you the crucial time to act on it and stop a leak before it does any real damage.

Phyn tells you there’s a leak, so you can plug it

The Phyn Smart Water Monitor has the kind of advanced leak detection that never stops looking into your home’s water system. It can be a simple leaky faucet or something as serious as a bursting pipe. Or even something in between. Whatever it may be, you will know about it fast through an alert.

With a DIY install, you won’t need to call a plumber to set this up for you. The included mounting screws and adhesive strip make it easy to install. The Phyn Plus app on iOS or Android takes care of the rest, presenting water usage information, including daily diagnostic reports that will alert you of any leaks or unsafe water pressure.

To install this, your home must have a Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) to get optimal performance. You will need Wi-Fi in your home and a power outlet under the sink with 3/8-inch hot and cold water connections. Otherwise, you won’t get the smart home features and receive alerts on your smartphone.

Find the leak before it’s too late

This smart water monitor only gets smarter as it gets to know the home’s plumbing system. It learns the various fixtures, so that it knows all the faucets, shower heads and garden hoses. It can even tell the difference between someone drawing a bath and a pipe starting to leak. When that happens, you will receive an alert on your smartphone.

In the cold winter months, the pressure sensor sends pre-freeze warnings when ice crystals start forming in your pipes. That early warning may be enough time to ward off any chance of a pipe bursting and causing excess damage.

You also get the benefit of smart home control. Request an update on water usage through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and the Phyn Smart Water Monitor relays the information. If you’d rather not hear it, you can just turn it off. Phyn also works with other smart home products using IFTTT.

What you need to know in real-time

The Phyn Smart Water Monitor can track water pressure shifts at a microscopic level — as fast as 240 times a second. It’s the kind of precision capable of detecting even smaller leaks, like pinhole leaks or poor seals, before they become more serious problems. And if there is a problem too tough to solve on your own, the Phyn app can connect you with a plumber in mere minutes.

The app can dive deep to provide usage data on a monthly, daily and hourly basis. Glean insight into just how efficient your appliances and faucets truly are. The information may be so valuable, it helps reduce your water bill. You may find it growing in efficiency as it learns your water system.

The monitor does all this from one location, under whichever sink you install it in. You can also expand your reach further. Install smart monitors in up to six properties and receives water-related alerts from all of them on the same account.

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