Challenge their minds with the OSMO Creative Starter Kit

Are creativity and fun while learning important to you and your child? If you want to give your child an early educational advantage by combining fun and creativity with learning, the OSMO Creative Starter Kit is a must! It combines tools, games, and cutting edge technology to foster fun and creativity for kids ages five and up (and from beginner to expert levels). 

Featuring three creative games that come to life on your iPad (Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece), the OSMO Creative Starter Kit lets kids experience fun, travel, and adventure, as well as solve unique and challenging problems using creative drawing skills. It will also help them in a number of key learning areas, including developing an early knowledge of physics.

Included in the kit are a base for your iPad, a new creative board, four erasable markers, a fuzzy (microfibre) eraser pouch, and stackable storage for each game. This award winning game also features a parent app to help you track your child’s progress on their road to creative genius.

They’ll enjoy three fun and creative games in one

The OSMO Creative Starter Kit includes three fun games that inspire kids to learn and be creative: Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece.

With Monster, a friendly monster called Mo brings kids’ drawings to life through animation. It’s really creative, super fun, and your child will absolutely love it. For instance, draw Mo a magic wand on the creative board and he’ll pull it onto the screen himself and begin waving it around.

Then there’s Newton—the fun physics game where kids learn about concepts like gravity and angles as they attempt to guide the falling balls into the target area as they bounce and roll around the screen.

Finally, there’s Masterpiece, where kids can transform any image they like—even a photograph, into a basic line image that they can then easily trace in the real world. It’s easy, fun, and will make your child feel like a bona fide Rembrandt! They can even make cool time-lapse videos of their own artistic process.


The many amazing things they’ll learn

Among the many useful things that kids will learn through the OSMO Creative Starter Kit are visual thinking, problem solving, and drawing detail and speed. These skills will help them considerably later in life when they go out into the real world. For instance, problem solving is something we all use multiple times each day, and visual thinking helps with critical life skills like driving a car, where it’s always important to be able to visualize where you are in relation to obstacles and other vehicles.

Kids will also gain a lot of creative confidence as they begin to master each of the games in the kit. For instance, Masterpiece will show them that they can create a detailed piece of artwork with their own hands, and Newton will help them to see that even the most intimidating subjects (like physics) can be easy to understand. The confidence built here will serve them well when they advance into ever more challenging grades in school.


The OSMO Creative Starter Kit is award winning fun

The OSMO Creative Starter Kit is not just fun and games. This set has won a number of prestigious awards and accolades since it was first launched.

For instance, it received both the Parents’ Choice Silver Award and the Family Choice Gold Award in 2015, and it received the Oppenheim Best Toy Platinum Award in 2016.

The Creative Starter Kit has also been widely praised in the press, where it was called “a game changing toy for the industry” by Stephanie Oppenheim, “cinematic” by Forbes Magazine, and was credited with being able to “turn you into an artiste” by Time.

Other examples include CNET stating “This is one toy I wish I had growing up!” and the Wall Street Journal calling Mo “the kind of creature you’d see in a Pixar film or on ‘Sesame Street,” which is certainly high praise for any animated monster!

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