Discover the OSMO Coding Awbie Game

Would you like to give your child a head start in learning? If early education is important to you, you’ll be pleased to hear about the OSMO Coding Awbie Game, which is the easiest and most effective way to introduce coding to your child. Coding Awbie uses coding blocks and fun-filled adventure to teach kids logic and problem solving skills that will help them to succeed in an increasingly digital world. 

Kids learn how to create command code strings by placing physical blocks into sequences, loops, and if/or actions that are then carried out by a cute on-screen character called Awbie. Awbie can walk around, jump over obstacles, grab and devour strawberries, and get up to all kinds of other interesting adventures in his magical, digital world. 

The Awbie Game was designed for kid coders ranging from 5-12 years old and beginner to exert levels. All you need is an iPad (with the Coding Awbie App) and an Osmo Base to allow kids to begin learning all about coding while having solo or collaborative fun with their new friend Awbie.

Discover Awbie’s world through code

Awbie is a fun and playful character that kids get to control through coding. Kids tell Awbie what to do simply by arranging up to 19 special magnetic coding blocks in any order they wish to send Awbie on a delicious strawberry-eating adventure. 

Each block (or combination of blocks) that kids can choose from gives Awbie a different command, such as move left three steps, or move forward two steps. Kids can change the directional command of a given block by turning its arrow to another position to make Awbie go in a new direction. They can also change the number of steps they wish for Awbie to take by adding a number attachment to the directional block.

In this way, kids can help Awbie find and consume all the strawberries on the screen. Every move that Awbie makes is shown on your existing tablet, which is placed in a special display stand so that kids can easily see everything that Awbie gets up to.

It’s fun to learn with your hands

One of the key ways that kids learn new things is through play. By giving them the freedom to use their own imaginations to map out Awbie’s adventures, the Coding Awbie Game affords kids the opportunity to stretch their minds and build their confidence. It encourages learning through play by giving kids the chance to work with tangible coding blocks that they get to manipulate, arrange, and rearrange themselves. 

In this way, kids can develop their motor skills through tactile, hands-on play and their minds through imaginative planning and mapping out of Awbie’s next steps, which they then get to put into action by arranging the coding blocks in the manner that will successfully achieve Awbie’s objective. 

There’s no limit to the ways that kids can control their Awbie, but finding the correct combination of commands to help Awbie devour all of his strawberries takes planning and strategy. This helps kids learn to overcome the obstacles in Awbie’s way by writing problem-solving code that earns Awbie his reward.

With OSMO Coding Awbie, collaboration is built-in

While the Coding Awbie Game is perfect for solo play, it’s also ideal for sharing. Awbie is a game that multiple kids can all enjoy playing together on the same tablet at once, helping them to learn about sharing, collaboration, and the positive results that may be achieved when people work together. 

There’s plenty of room at the table for two or more kids to assemble different coding sequences and play together to help Awbie find as many strawberries as possible. If one child is unsure of what command to give to Awbie next, another child might just have the answer, allowing kids to learn from one another as they play happily together.

Coding Awbie is not a game that pits kids against one another. It’s a game where collaboration and cooperation only serve to enhance their overall enjoyment of coding. Awbie is as much fun whether your child is playing the game alone or with a group of friends.

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