Hear clearly: Olive Smart Ear personalized Bluetooth hearing earbud 

We all know the person who doesn’t hear well, but insists they’re not ready for a hearing aid yet. The friend who you need to repeat yourself with in noisy environments like a crowded restaurant, or the relative who needs to crank the volume on the TV—maybe it’s even you who struggles to hear or complains about “mumblers.” If the hearing aid question has fallen on deaf ears (pun intended) it’s time to meet Olive Smart Ear.

Olive Smart Ear is a personalized Bluetooth hearing earbud that customizes sound preferences to each person with an easy five minute hearing test done in the privacy of your own home. Combined with the Olive app, there are both simple preset modes and customization features so you can hear the way you want in every environment.

Olive Smart Ear is more than just a hearing assistance device; you can use it just like a quality headphone if you want; for music and podcast listening or even for phone calls. Plus with its tap control located right on the earbud, you don’t need your smartphone for every little interaction.

Clearer sounds without noise 

Olive Smart Ear is more than an earbud; it uses special technology and a tiny microchip embedded in the device for high fidelity sound, particularly when it comes to voices. Whether those voices come from in-person conversations, or TV and movie dialogue, there’s no more, “speak up!” or wondering why everyone around you seems to be mumbling.

Olive Smart Ear instantly filters out annoying background noise and feedback, so you can hear only what’s most important.

With a convenient storage and charging base, and up to 21 hours of battery life you’ll have a full day of use every time.

TV listening without “too loud” complaints 

Is someone in your family always telling you the TV is too loud? If your viewing is disturbing others, maybe you just need an audio boost others can’t detect. Olive Smart Ear amplifies the sound around you, including from your TV, so you can hear clearly and without disturbance, distortion or static.

Olive Smart Ear’s unique technology collects, personalizes and enhances sounds to your ears for a better hearing experience.

Simple & quick 5 minute hearing test  

No time to schedule a hearing test? Or if you’re staying close to home, you can still get details about your hearing thanks to Olive Smart Ear’s 5 minute hearing test.

Using Olive’s free app, the test will fine tune each sound frequency to your own unique hearing needs. The app also provides different preset modes for those who want to keep it simple. Need a more customized solution? Olive’s manual equalization customization features can help you adapt to any environment and sound preference.

Is Olive Smart Ear the solution for you? Olive Union’s mission is to provide affordable hearing for everyone. The company’s award-winning products are meant to do away with any stigma associated with hearing devices. So stop cranking the volume and start hearing clearly.

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