Nextbase & Best Buy team up to offer 2 amazing dash cam bundles

Do you have a dash cam in your car? Dash cams are purpose-built cameras that mount to the inside of your windshield and record your driving journey, including any accidents, incidents, or break-ins that may occur along the way. Now, Nextbase and Best Buy have partnered to bring drivers 2 exclusive dash cam bundles that will help to protect you in the event of an insurance claim dispute by providing you with your very own independent eye witness: the Nextbase 320XR and 522XR Bundles.

Nextbase has created these bundles for the convenience of Best Buy’s customers. With them you’ll easily obtain Full 1080p HD video footage whenever you’re on the road. And, because these bundles offer both front and rear-facing cameras, you’ll record in both directions. The footage you capture could be vital to any legal claims, whether by you or against you. The Nextbase 320XR and 522XR dash cam Bundles are the very best way you can protect your vehicle and yourself.

The 320XR & 522XR bundles help you to make memories—safely

A key part of Nextbase’s mission is to pioneer purpose-built solutions designed to make the roads and highways safer and more enjoyable for all that use them. Part of this mission is to establish smart dash cam technology as both an essential safety measure and as a lasting memory-maker for drivers and passengers of any vehicle. 

The Nextbase 320XR and 522XR dash cam bundles record every minute of the road trips you take in your vehicle, so you can always look back at the footage to see where you’ve been and relive the amazing sights you’ve seen. Additionally, in the event of a potentially life-threatening emergency, the 522XR bundle even has a special Emergency SOS feature to quickly notify emergency services of your location. For instance, if you’ve had an accident and can’t call for help yourself, your dash cam can do it for you.

Nextbase 320XR dash cam bundle

The Nextbase 320XR dash cam bundle has both front and rear-facing cameras that record in Full 1080p High Definition. With wide-angle recording of 140 degrees in both directions, you’re protected not only against the dangers that occur on the road ahead, but also from those by tailgaters and rear-end impacts. Nextbase’s rear window camera connects to your forward facing dash cam via a 6.5m long cable and the easy to install Click&Go PRO powered car mount.

Additional features of this bundle include a bright and clear 2.4″ High Definition IPS screen, Picture in Picture so you can see in both directions at once or toggle between views, and an Intelligent Parking Mode that records any bumps or physical movement to your vehicle when it’s parked and unattended. This combination of features provides true, all-around protection even when you’re not present and able to do it for yourself.

Nextbase 522XR dash cam bundle

Nextbase’s other bundle is the 522XR, which has a variety of incredible features. These include QuickLink Wi-Fi for easily connecting to a smart phone or tablet, built-in Bluetooth 4.2 for automatic file downloads, and 1440p HD resolution at 30 frames per second. It also has an F1.3 lens, an ultra-wide 140 degree field of view, a crystal clear 3″ HD IPS Touch screen with Picture in Picture, and a Rear Window Camera to double up on the protection with views of potential rear impacts.

The front and rear cameras connect via a 6.5m cable and Nextbase’s exclusive new Click&Go PRO powered car mount, so both cams are quick and easy to install, and the rear camera’s view can be brought fully on screen to serve as a reversing camera. Add to that an Intelligent Parking Mode to keep an eye on your vehicle when you can’t, the Alexa assistant built in for hands-free control, and emergency SOS services, and the Nextbase 522XR quickly becomes a top of the line dash cam bundle.

Nextbase microSD cards

Using the right SD card is critical to ensure your footage is properly recorded and stored. Nextbase offers microSD cards specially designed for Nextbase dash cams. The Nextbase microSD cards are U3 Ultra High Speed1, which means that they can quickly process and store your recordings without any issue. While U1 and U2 SD cards with slower write speeds can be used with some dash cams, U3 SD cards are the best choice for your Nextbase dash cam and necessary if you combine either the 322GW or 522GW with the rear camera module. Record footage in Full HD, 1440p, or 4K quality and use the included microSD to SD adapter to easily transfer the files to your PC or laptop.

Nextbase microSD cards are available in different memory sizes—from 32GB to 128GB—to correspond to your needs. The more capacity the card has, the more hours of footage it can record before the dash cam overwrites the oldest files. The 32GB microSD card can record up to approximately 4 hours of HD footage, while the 64GB card and 128GB card will respectively record up to 8 hours and 16 hours of footage. Note that using the rear camera module will decrease the hours of footage they can record by half. Still, they all have enough capacity to capture any incident should you need the evidence. Avoid data corruption and missing footage by pairing your Nextbase dash cam bundle with a Nextbase microSD card!


1 U3 cards are rated at a minimum write speed of 30MB/s; U1 cards are at a lower write speed threshold of 10MB/s. With this in mind, with a 322GW you should look for write speeds of up to 60MB/s or higher on 32GB cards and for the 422GW and 522GW, to 100MB/s on 64GB and 128GB cards, and the 622gw at 100MB/s up to 256GB cards, a requirement for all Nextbase dash cams to function at their optimum level. U3 is also necessary if using your dash cam in conjunction with a rear camera module.

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