Meet the Nest Thermostat

The new Nest Thermostat can help save energy in your home through its intelligent sensors and scheduling. It can be installed easily in under 30 minutes either by yourself or by hiring a Nest Pro (in eligible areas). Use it to control the temperature in your home from virtually anywhere so you don’t waste money and electricity by heating or cooling a home when no one is there. Control the temperature manually or set intelligent schedules.

In addition to swiping a touch bar on the side of the thermostat to change the temperature, you can also use the Google Home app as well as voice via Google Assistant with a compatible smart speaker or other smart device.

It can monitor the heating and cooling in your home and send useful alerts and reminders. Grab one in the perfect colour to match your wall along with an optional trim kit.

Schedule heating and cooling

Once set up, you can set customized schedules for heating and cooling that will save energy and heat and cool your home more efficiently. A Savings Finder feature suggests adjustments you can make to your schedule in order to help you save even more energy and, in the long run, money on electricity bills.

The Quick Schedule feature lets you customize your personal schedule in the app, and make adjustments there manually, including changing the temperature, adjusting the schedule (if you’re going to be on vacation, for example), reviewing settings, and more.

Smart settings

The Nest Thermostat offers some pretty neat smart settings, too. It will monitor the heating and cooling in your home and alert you if it detects that something isn’t right; this feature won’t, of course, replace an HVAC professional.

You can also receive helpful reminders, like when it’s time to replace your filter; and book an appointment with a qualified professional via an alert or reminder, right from the Google Home app.

Additionally, smart sensors use your phone’s location to determine when you leave the house to automatically set the device to Eco Temperature Mode and save energy. Likewise, it can detect when you’re back home and raise the temperature back up again, if you haven’t already set it to go up via its scheduling function.

Fits in with any home

The Nest Thermostat fits in within any home and décor. It is designed in neutral colour options to match your wall, and you can buy an optional trim kit to cover any imperfections left on the wall from removing your own thermostat. It’s easy to install in most homes, with no C wire required.

Made with recycled materials to help further reduce waste and the impact on the environment, the plastic parts contain 49 percent recycled post-consumer plastic. The thermostat is also Energy Star-certified, thanks to its focus on energy-savings features.

The optional Trim Kit, available for the Nest Thermostat, includes a trim plate as well as a steel plate for installing over an electrical box. It comes matched to the Nest Thermostat colours for a seamless and attractive installation.

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