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Monster Superstar Speaker Overview

Monster Superstar Speaker Overview

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Monster is known for its quality audio products. Now there’s several additions to the Superstar line of wireless Bluetooth speakers. The S100 is a compact and ultra-portable option, while the S200 is a mid-range model. The largest size and most powerful speaker in the range is the S300. These speakers join a couple of other options in the Monster Superstar entourage, including the powerful and colourful Dynamite.

Monster Superstar is the smarter, portable Bluetooth music speaker and speakerphone option for people on the move. With incredible sound that fills the room it’s the ideal speaker for portable listening to music, podcasts or streaming radio. It’s also a top quality speakerphone with crystal clear-sounding calls.

The entire lineup of Superstar speakers also offers MonsterTalk voice control, powered by Melody, which allows you to connect multiple music services like Spotify, Tidal, iHeart Radio, and more, and control the speaker with your voice.


Portable, wireless speakers are only truly great if they sound amazing. Monster’s Superstar speakers are built with Pure Monster Sound that’s designed to play perfectly, whether the speaker is placed horizontally or vertically.

With Monster’s V-Sound technology you’ll get a much more room-filling experience too. Monster V-Sound is produced by the v-shaped, angled cabinet on the speakers. Drivers on both sides create sound that comes towards you and at the same time can be bounced off nearby walls to reflect more sound into the space. Using the Superstar lineup outdoors? No problem. The reflective technology means it’s also better able to fill outdoor areas. While some portable wireless speakers bleed sound off outdoors, Monster Superstar speakers keep it close, filling the area with Pure Monster Sound.

The Monster Superstar S100 has a 2-driver configuration, the S200 features 3 drivers, while the full sized S300 has a 4 driver set up. Each of them delivers powerful audio, wherever you are.

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Because Monster knows you’re the type that seeks adventure and action, all the speakers in the Superstar line are designed to be rugged, durable and long lasting. Heading for the mountains to ski? Maybe you’re off to the beach for some high energy water sports? Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, or throwing an epic bash at home, Monster Superstar speakers are engineered to keep up.

With a waterproof rating of IPX7, these speakers can handle any weather, or being dropped into the water. Not only are they fully waterproof, they also float! If it says Monster Superstar on the box, you know you can count on these speakers to handle whatever life throws at them.


Monster knows you don’t want to have to baby your technology, you want to enjoy it. Superstar speakers are perfectly portable, and come in a range of sizes so you can choose the one that’s right for your needs. Need something small enough for some backcountry backpacking? No problem; say hello to the Monster S100. If you’ve got more room, say in your camper van, you can upgrade to the mid-sized S200, and if you’re looking for something to toss in the RV to take to your next outdoor adventure where you’re the one who keeps things rocking for your crew, no problem; the S300 is your portable, durable friend.

Battery life on portable wireless speakers is key. With long-lasting rechargeable batteries you can focus on the fun, not finding a plug. With Monster Superstar, expect hours of playback time: the Monster S100 has more than six hours of battery life, the S200 and S300 give you over fifteen hours and the Dynamite weighs in with more than twelve hours of play time.


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  1. i’m getting conflicting answers. What i would like to know the differences between the s300 and the dynamite? and which model is the latest one?
    Also, i believe the s300 you can use a usb stick with music on it and be able to play it…is this correct?
    Are they comparable in size too?
    If you can answers the above questions asap would be greatly appreciated as the sale ends tommorow.

    you can also call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx

    • Hi Tony I sent you question to the home audio team at Best Buy’s head office.

      take care,


    • Hi Tony,

      The Best buy Home audio team sent this response:

      The S300 is the latest speaker, but the Dynamite is actually a better speaker. It is basically an “S400” if we want to simplify it.

      The Dynamite is slightly bigger than the S300.

      The S300 does give you the ability to play music through USB.

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