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Microsoft 365 Overview


Introducing Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365, one monthly subscription offers the tools you need to be productive, embrace your creativity, keep all your files secure, and take control of your time. Choose from two different subscription plans: Microsoft 365 Family (for up to six people) and Microsoft 365 Personal (for one person).

No matter which plan you choose, each person gets full access to the latest versions of popular Microsoft Office apps, including Microsoft Word and Excel. They also get 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage and 60 minutes per month of free Skype calling to landlines or mobile phones—in addition to unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls. 

A monthly Microsoft 365 subscription comes with advanced security that will protect everyone on the plan from malware, phishing and other threats. If you have questions about Windows 10 or Office 365 apps, your subscription includes ongoing technical support from Microsoft.

Bring your ideas to life

The traditional choice for creative PC or Mac software is Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Office for Mac. However, there’s now an all-new option that’s even better: Microsoft 365.

With m365 you can be as creative and productive as you want to be. New AI-powered tools ensure the results are always spectacular. Write like a pro, thanks to Microsoft 365-exclusive features of Word’s powerful Editor with features including “Rewrite Suggestions,” plagiarism-checking, and style critiques. PowerPoint Designer boosts creativity with automated features like auto-generating slide layouts. Microsoft PowerPoint Presenter Coach even gives real-time feedback to fine-tune your speech. 

Microsoft 365 subscribers get exclusive access to premium extras including 8,000+ professional images and 175 looping videos from Getty Images. In addition they have 300 new fonts and 2,800 new icons to work with. They also get over 200 new premium templates for Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint.

Accomplish more together and protect what’s important with OneDrive

If you liked Microsoft Office 2019, you are going to love Microsoft 365. Thanks to the power of OneDrive, you have the option of going from your desktop to a real-time, collaborative experience using your favourite software including Microsoft Word.

This is an incredibly powerful feature that will produce much stronger end results. Students can work together on a school project from their own homes. You can work with other staff on a killer presentation, even though they’re based in a remote location. When you share your files with OneDrive, the people you invite can access them through their own device, and make suggestions or edits that everyone can view in real-time.

OneDrive also offers the benefit of secure storage of your most important digital memories and files, including photos and documents. Your Microsoft 365 subscription gives you OneDrive Personal Vault, along with advanced security features including ransomware detection and recovery.

Organize your time

Microsoft 365 with OneDrive and Microsoft Outlook is the ultimate solution to staying organized. It’s the best way to put some “me time” back in your day—and not accidentally miss an appointment while doing so!

Harness the power of Outlook to gain control of your email inbox. Use Cortana’s hands-free search and “Play My Emails” capabilities to find an email without having to stop what you’re doing, and then read the content out loud to you. This is a great time saver if you’re getting ready in the morning, or trying to catch up during your commute. Use the “Suggested Replies” feature to instantly hit Send and move on.

Outlook in Microsoft 365 lets you manage multiple calendars in a single view. You can see your work meetings, kids’ events, and appointments, all in a single view. You can even integrate third party calendars such as Google Calendar.

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