Your fans and followers will sit up and take notice when all of your content is created with Logitech StreamCam. A full HD camera with all the features you need to broadcast to your favourite streaming platforms, Logitech StreamCam is the perfect choice for everyone from content creators to casual streamers

Pair your Logitech StreamCam with Logitech Capture and tap into an all-in-one software that gives you automatic exposure, framing, image stabilization, and more. You can turn your StreamCam to record vertical video in portrait mode and share full HD clips to Instagram and Facebook stories. StreamCam also has premium audio built-in, and you can sing and record crystal clear dialogue with the forward-facing dual microphones.

Put your best face forward with Logitech StreamCam and Capture

Whether you’re just starting out as a content creator or you’d like to take your live stream to the next level, Logitech StreamCam offers you the features and versatility you’re looking for. On its own Logitech StreamCam is a powerful camera, but you can unlock even more features when you pair it with Logitech Capture.

Combine Logitech SteamCam with Logitech Capture software and tap into features designed to instantly improve the quality of your streaming videos. An all-in-one content creation software, Logitech Capture lets you connect, record, and share your high-quality content from the minute you connect your webcam. Just click to broadcast yourself live, use live text overlays, and access studio controls. Logitech Capture also reduces shake with built-in electronic image stabilization.

Speedy streams and true-to-life video

Logitech StreamCam is designed to stream from the instant you install it. It connects to your computer via USB-C for speedy transfer and a reliable connection, and once connected you can record video and stream live in full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second. There are different mounting options you can use to achieve the perfect angle including mounting it to your monitor or popping it on a tripod.

Logitech StreamCam creates high quality video for every platform you want to share or stream to, and all of your audio clips will be just as rich and clear. Designed with dual front-facing microphones, Logitech StreamCam offers premium audio performance so you sing, talk, and chat in a live stream and you’ll always sound clear and authentic.

AI-enabled facial tracking keeps you in the picture

Losing focus during a live stream can mean you lose followers, and there’s nothing more frustrating than shooting a video and realizing halfway through that your footage is blurry. Logitech StreamCam has AI-enabled facial tracking to keep you in focus whenever you’re recording. No matter where you’re recording, auto-exposure is finely tuned so you’ll look your best in a variety of lighting conditions.

When you pair your Logitech StreamCam with Logitech Capture you get access to smart auto-framing. It keeps your face front and centre in all videos. You can even rotate your StreamCam to instantly switch to portrait mode and enjoy Full HD recording in the 9:16 format that’s perfect for Instagram and Facebook stories.

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