This camera is designed to be quick and painless to set up. A simple plug-and-play installation and app download that can have you up and running in minutes. Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to deploy the Circle 2 almost anywhere you like.

You also have options with accessories (separately sold). The Wall Plug Mount makes great use of any wall outlet. The Weatherproof Extension gives you an additional 15-feet to work with, letting you also set up outside. See outside from the inside with the Window Mount to suction the camera any window. Since the Circle 2 can run on battery power, give it a boost with the Rechargeable Battery back-up.

Step-by-step instructions on the app walk you through from start to finish on getting your Circle 2 working to keep an eye on your home, anytime.


Being away from home doesn’t mean you won’t be in the know when something happens. Even better, you will be able to see it in real-time. Unexpected household activity or unintended intruders won’t have to go undetected when you can get an instant alert and view it all live on your mobile device.

With unlimited live streaming, 2-way audio and smart recorded video readily available, you have options on how much you want to see. View it anytime and anywhere at no additional costs, or go further with a subscription to see up to 31 days of video storage. No matter what you choose, the Circle 2 will always help you to feel closer to home.


Knowing what’s happening as it happens is easy when the tools are already built-in. The Logitech Circle 2 captures a wide 180-degree field of view in 1080p HD, ensuring your home looks crisp, no matter where you are.

A Circle Safe Premium account goes a step further. Create Motion Zones to trigger alerts should the camera detect movement in a certain area. It can also detect people, notifying you when it sees a person or when activity happens within a specific motion zone you’ve created.

Logitech delivers notifications directly to your smartphone or tablet, keeping you in the loop whenever something happens. In seconds, you can see it live or a recording of the moment that buzzed you in the first place.


The Circle 2 comes with free access to 24 hours of video footage, all stored in your own private cloud. This way, you can always be sure that an important moment at home is never missed.

Subscribing to a Circle Safe plan gives you more flexibility to keep a close watch. With Basic, you can store up to 14 days of footage. With Premium, you can store up to 31 days of footage, and customize various features to your specific schedule and taste.

Advanced Motion Filtering makes it easier to pinpoint the most relevant activity the Circle 2 captured without spending hours sorting through video footage to find it.

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