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LittleBits™ Droid™ Inventor Kit Overview

LittleBits™ Droid™ Inventor Kit Overview

Calling all Droid™ Inventors (Yes, your kid is one of them!)

Across the galaxy, a top-notch team of inventor kids is assembling—in basements, at school, in the park. They enter into the Star Wars universe, and are creating Droids like the world has never seen before. With the new littleBits™ Droid™ Inventor Kit, kids can assemble a Droid from the ground-up (Including R2-D2™ ), bring it to life with electronic blocks, and even create their own custom Droids.

The littleBits Droid Inventor Kit is designed to encourage kids to explore technology, and even novices will begin to see themselves as engineers and inventors. Everything your kid needs to get started is right in the box, down to the batteries and special Droid stickers. You can transport your kid to a galaxy far, far, away, and help inspire their creative confidence and curious nature without leaving your living room.

Level-up your kids’ inventor skills

Once everything is out of the box, kids can download the free Droid Inventor app and enter into “Droid Inventor Training.” It introduces your kid to the magic of Droid creation and being an inventor. The app is structured to begin with easier missions, like the initial Droid assembly, and work their way up to more complicated and challenging missions, like reassembling the Droid to be an intruder alarm: It waves its arms and screams when it senses an intruder approaching.

littleBits stimulates your child’s Droid-building potential by challenging them to apply their knowledge to tougher, more advanced builds. In fact, littleBits encourages kids to take what they’ve learned and create their own custom Droids. It also introduces them to the inventor mindset: to accept challenges, make mistakes, persevere, and feel the triumph and pride of creating something with your own two hands.

Create the next generation of Droids

The free app is packed with missions and activities that start simple. Kids follow video tutorials to build their first Droid, but after following the step-by-step instructions, they’re encouraged to think outside the box and get creative with their Droid. They’ll use craft materials and household objects to inject their unique style and personality into their Droid, and their imagination will ultimately guide the look and functionality of their new sidekick. Maybe it’s a Defender Droid that patrols their bedroom. Or a Delivery Droid that sends meal requests to mom!

Kids may start by building a familiar R2-D2, but their Droid will grow (as will their inventor capabilities!) as they challenge themselves and learn about being an inventor.  With your kid’s imagination and the possibilities in the box, your child will keep re-inventing their Droid over and over again.

Don’t forget about the FUN

Droid creation is only the first step with the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit. The Droid Inventor app comes packed with 17+ missions and activities that keep kids coming back to play day after day. It also has controllers like joysticks, sliders, and more that let kids drive their Droid in Force Mode (using the wave of a hand to guide it), Self Navigation (the Droid has a mind of its own!) or even drive through obstacle courses. Hours of enjoyment and learning await your little inventor.


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