Meet the KiCA percussion massagers

Get pro-level treatment for sore, aching, and tight muscles with the KiCA percussion massagers, including the KiCA K2, which comes in two colours (blue or pink) and the smaller KiCA Mini (pink or green). Both are portable and battery operated, making them convenient to bring with you and use just about anywhere.

Each package includes a variety of massage heads to target different muscles and areas of the body, designed to help enhance mobility, help you recover, and prevent injury. This isn’t just for athletes, it’s for anyone who could benefit from an at-home massage, including those who work from home sitting for hours every day, anyone who exercises, frequent travellers, those in therapeutic treatment, and even the elderly.

The travel-friendly compact and lightweight design, long battery life, and affordable price make the KiCA percussion massagers perfect for just about anyone looking to be healthier and feel better.

Here, there, anywhere

Use the KiCA percussion massagers virtually anywhere thanks to the portable and compact designs. The K2 weighs just 485 grams and the Mini almost half that at 248 grams, making them small enough to pop into a purse or backpack to bring with you to the office, on a trip, even to the gym.

While many percussion massagers tend to be big and bulky, the KiCA percussion massagers aren’t impractical nor industrial-looking in design. Rather, they are stylish with a lightweight aviation grade aluminum body, rounded edges, smooth surface treatment, and a matte finish that makes them easy to grip.

The generous battery life also makes them the perfect travel companion: the K2 can run for up to 18 hours per charge of its lithium-ion battery and the Mini up to eight hours. The K2 even comes with a handy carrying case.

Target every inch of your body

Whether you want to soothe a sore neck or target back pain, the KiCA percussion massagers come with easily attachable massage heads to use on different parts of your body and to target different types of soreness – there’s nothing you have to buy separately.

The U-shaped head is ideal for the neck and Achilles tendon while the round one helps relax soft tissues and sensitive muscles. Use the magnetic tipped head for massaging large, flat muscles in your back and waist and the small pointed one for deep tissue, including meridians, joints, and acupoints. Help promote absorption of essential oils with the gentle massage head.

In addition to being able to choose the right massage head for the job at hand, you can also select from four adjustable speeds to adapt to your needs or level of soreness.

Smart and safe operation

As noted, the KiCA percussion massagers operate on a rechargeable battery, making them compact: you can charge them up and bring them with you without a charging cable. The charger is USB-C compatible so it’s easy to use when you do need to give the massagers a battery boost; they charge in just 2-2.5 hours. There’s no large brick power supply to contend with, even when you’re using it at home.

Using a KiCA percussion massager right before bedtime? Don’t worry if you happen to doze off from the soothing muscle relaxation: intelligent protection will automatically stop the unit after 10 minutes of continuous use. This also ensures that you don’t overuse it on a single muscle or spot on your body.

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