Introducing the D-Link COVR AX1800 whole home mesh Wi-Fi 6 system

Today’s homes are incredibly demanding when it comes to Wi-Fi. Everyone is online, services like 4K video streaming require high bandwidth, and smart devices are popping up everywhere. With mobile devices like smartphones, seamless Wi-Fi coverage through every square inch of the home is a must-have. The new D-Link COVR AX1800 whole home mesh Wi-Fi 6 system is designed to deliver the ultimate Wi-Fi experience for today’s device-dense homes. Today, and in the future.

The COVR AX1800 comes with two access points for seamless Wi-Fi coverage for up to 4,500 square feet (418 square metres). Advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology like Smart Roaming ensures every device is always connected to the best point for optimal performance. 1800 Mbps throughput provides bandwidth for everyone. Also, advanced parental controls allow you to create individual profiles to help you schedule access and protect each person in your family. Setup is easy, firmware updates are automatic, and your network is protected by WPA3 security.

COVR provides seamless, reliable Wi-Fi that covers every square inch of your home

The D-Link COVR AX1800 whole home mesh Wi-Fi 6 system is designed to blanket your entire home in seamless, reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi. This wireless AX router delivers next generation Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1800 Mbps. Maximize coverage by placing each of the two access points at opposite sides of your home or place one in the main living area and one upstairs near the bedrooms. As you move from room to room in your home, your device (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) will  automatically connect to the access point generating the strongest signal. Seamless roaming ensures your Wi-Fi connection is always optimized without you noticing any drop in service. It also means that one password to your Wi-Fi has you covered—everywhere in your home!

D-Link’s new whole home mesh system supports optional Ethernet connection between COVR points. Doing so ensures the backhaul between units is always its fastest for optimal performance, regardless of wireless obstacles like thick walls or interference sources.

Future-proof your Wi-Fi

You may not realize that you need Wi-Fi 6 yet, but with the D-Link COVR AX1800 your home wireless network will immediately benefit from advanced mesh technology and higher speeds. Everything from gaming to 4K video streaming is going to see improvements. And with the COVR AX1800 home mesh Wi-Fi 6 system, your home wireless is future-proofed. The move will continue to pay off as you add more connected devices, and upgrade to smartphones, tablets, and PCs with Wi-Fi 6 support. 

You’ll enjoy Wi-Fi 6 benefits like Target Wake Time (improved battery life for smart devices), BSS Colouring (reduced Wi-Fi interference), and OFDMA (more efficient channel allocation for greater wireless throughput). All told, with the COVR AX1800 speeds will be up to 90% faster on the 2.4GHz band and up to 38% faster on the 5GHz band, with the capacity to handle up to four times as many connected devices simultaneously.

Smart whole home mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with all the latest technology and features 

The D-Link COVR AX1800 is a smart mesh Wi-Fi 6 system that’s fully equipped with all the latest technology, and must-have features. The two COVR points come pre-paired out of the box. Setup is fast and easy, using the free D-Link Wi-Fi mobile app. Follow the onscreen steps and your network will up and running in minutes.

COVR AX1800 includes advanced technology such as MU-MIMO high-gain antennas, Smart Connect, WPA3 security, an intelligent Quality of Service (QoS) engine, and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for hardwiring high-demand devices like game consoles. You can even manage your network without moving a finger by using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice control. Enhanced profile-based parental controls allow you to create profiles for each user and their devices—set schedules, limit or pause Internet access, and more.

Auto firmware updates ensure that you not only get the most recent tech improvements, but also that your home Wi-Fi network is always protected against outside threats by the latest security releases.

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