Meet the Brydge wireless keyboards 

Blurring the lines between laptop and tablet like never before, Brydge wireless keyboards unlock the full potential of your tablet and take productivity to the next level.

These keyboards are designed to connect seamlessly to tablets such as Apple’s iPad Pro. Brydge’s patented “U-shaped” hinge allows for unrestricted viewing angles including laptop, tablet, and movie mode.

A full QWERTY keyboard gives you the responsiveness, sound, and feel that you need to type efficiently, and three-level backlit keys allow you to work anywhere, anytime.

Multiple viewing angles

Versatility is key when working on the go. Brydge’s multiple viewing angles provide you with the flexibility to modify your tablet to fit whatever environment you are in.

Traditional laptop mode is ideal for composing emails, navigating spreadsheets, or writing a paper. Want to watch a movie or share a presentation? On the Brydge Pro and G-Type keyboards, you can simply flip your tablet around to access movie mode. From there, read a book or draw comfortably by folding your tablet back and accessing tablet mode.

Sleek and seamless design 

Every Brydge product is designed to match the functionality and layout of the tablets they are paired with. All Brydge keyboards are engineered from machined aluminium to perfectly match the tablet design, quality, and colour.

Tactile typing experience 

As with any keyboard, typing experience is the most important factor. Accuracy, speed, feel, and sound are all vital for efficient typing.

Brydge wireless keyboards are thoughtfully designed with these factors in mind—giving you the responsiveness expected from a premium product.

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