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Belkin DuraTek Lightning Cables Overview

Belkin DuraTek Lightning Cables Overview


This isn’t your average charging cable. The DuraTek line is made to last with Kevlar fibres reinforcing the inner wiring for added strength. An abrasion-resistant nylon forms a tough outer jacket. Highly flexible insulation minimizes damage from friction. Even at its stress points, the cable is smartly designed to stay resilient.

What you have is a Lightning cable built to withstand the most demanding situations, delivering performance that borders on indestructible. When your iOS device needs a charge, the DuraTek is ready to serve, staying intact for as long as you need it.


Belkin DuraTek Lightning Cable endsSECRET STRENGTH ULTIMATE FLEX

DuPont Kevlar is one of the key ingredients that makes this cable so strong. It’s a resistant aramid fibre used across the world for everything from bullet-resistant vests and crash helmets to surfboards and extreme sports gear.

Strands of Kevlar are weaved into the cable to add ultimate strength. Flexing without stretching, these fibres provide the foundational structure to ensure they don’t suffer any damage.

All that strength doesn’t make DuraTek cables any less flexible. It will bend and not break, and stay intact throughout. Pack it away or stretch it all the way, this cable can take it.


The external cable braiding is made from a premium and hard-wearing nylon material. Double braiding takes that process to the next level. It’s the same technique used to make rope, so you know you’re getting maximum strength.

That helps reduce any fraying for a longer-lasting cord. Shield-braid and metalized Mylar shielding protect the cable from external electro-magnetic interference. With minimal friction, the various wires inside co-exist to provide better functionality and conductivity.

Packing all that protection in doesn’t affect how lightweight it is. Carrying a DuraTek cable around feels like any other—an essential accessory to keep handy at home or take with you on the road.


Proven in testing to withstand 5000+ cycles when bent to 180-degrees, this Lightning cable is highly resistant to splitting and breakage. Made from flexible TPE, the added length and flexibility helps to absorb stress and reinforce the juncture between the cable and the connector head to prevent separation.

Don’t fret over the connector separating. Laser-welded inside, it can withstand over 40 pounds of force. The flexible insulation within DuraTek minimizes friction, allowing the cable to bend easily and the wires within to move without damage.

Not just flexible, TPE is also smooth, tactile and more environmentally-friendly than the standard PVC.


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