Meet the new Amazon Echo Show 10

Amazon Echo Show 10 adds a unique twist, literally, to the traditional smart display. The 10.1″ HD screen is great for video calling, watching TV, and more, and rotates to stay in view as you move around the room.

Combine the moving screen with premium, directional sound and compatibility with other Alexa-enabled smart home devices and Echo Show 10 is a truly versatile device. It’s perfect for the living room or home office, and is especially useful in the kitchen.

Thanks to multiple layers of privacy, you’re always in control. Turn the mic/camera button off at any time and use the built-in shutter to cover the camera. Motion can also be disabled if desired by voice command, on the device itself, or using the Alexa app.

You’re always in view

Whether you’re on a video call, following a recipe, or watching a movie while cooking, you always remain in view.

Thanks to auto-framing, the 13 MP camera pans and zooms so you remain front and centre when chatting. And with the rotating screen, you can see who you’re talking to while moving, at all times. You might be walking with your child’s birthday cake as overseas relatives look on via video chat to sing “Happy Birthday.” Or maybe you’re moving back and forth in the kitchen, preparing dinner while also checking out an episode of your favourite TV show.

No matter where you are in the room, Echo Show 10 helps make sure you never miss a crucial moment. And the processing that provides the screen motion happens on the device itself, so photos and videos are not sent to the cloud.

Easily control other Alexa devices

Because Amazon Echo Show 10 is Alexa-enabled, it can control other smart home devices, from security cameras to smart lights, thermostats, and more. Once connected, just ask Alexa to display live footage from a compatible front door security camera, turn up the kitchen lights, or queue up your favourite music playlist.

Amazon Echo Show 10 works with Ring Smart Lighting, and you can also control Zigbee-compatible smart home devices without the need for a separate hub, allowing for seamless communication along with easy setup and control with a variety of third-party products.

Plus, you can use Amazon Echo Show 10 in the same way you would use any other Alexa-enabled smart speaker or display. Ask it for directions, traffic, or weather reports, to read the news, convert ounces to grams, add items to your shopping list, notify you of calendar appointments, play music, or even tell you a joke!

Premium, directional sound

While the moving screen offers the biggest “wow” factor for Amazon Echo Show 10, it’s no slouch when it comes to audio quality. Premium, directional sound adapts to your space so you can always hear your calls, music, TV shows, and more, with crystal-clear clarity.

You can stream music from popular services like Apple Music and Spotify—and with Amazon Music, lyrics, song recommendations, and album art all appear on the screen, further enhancing the experience.

The HD screen also helps bring to life movies and TV shows from streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Plus, catch up on local news, sports highlights, and more.

Amazon Echo Show 10 is also a perfect kitchen companion for budding chefs, making it easy to cook alongside step-by-step recipes seamlessly with apps like Sidechef.

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