I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love Christmas and all it entails. I love the decorations, the back-to-back events, the festive atmosphere, the time spent with family and friends, and most of all, shopping for gifts I know will bring smiles to the faces of my loved ones when they open them on Christmas morning. If you love giving gifts as much as I do and you happen to have a beer enthusiast on your list this year, trust me when I say you need to get them the Fizzics Portable Draft Beer System.

What makes the Fizzics Portable Draft Beer System a great gift?fizzics

When I say the Fizzics Beer System is a great gift for the beer enthusiast in your life, I speak from experience. I recently had the opportunity to review the Fizzics system and after some initial skepticism, I learned very quickly how its Micro-Foamtechnology improves the taste and “mouth-feel” of any beer so it tastes as close to “fresh off the tap” as possible.

The system is about the size of a large coffee maker, and when you first open the box and see the system itself, with it’s simple exterior and plastic hose, you don’t think it can do a whole lot to improve the taste of anything, let alone [delicious, beloved, oh-so-good] beer. However, if you think the way I did, you’d be sadly mistaken.

In a nutshell, Fizzics makes every single beer better. I’m not exaggerating here folks. It can accommodate everything from a standard 12-ounce can of beer all the up to a 64-ounce growler, and trust me when I say I tested every size possible. I also tested beers that ranged from my absolute favourite to my absolute least favourite.

fizzics-meWithout fail, every single beer I put in the Fizzics system and subsequently tapped was better than the “pre-Fizzics” pour I tasted beforehand. Every. Single. Time. To be perfectly honest, Fizzics does such an amazing job of bringing out the “fresh from the tap” flavour of beer that it almost ruins your favourites! Every “after Fizzics” beer I tested was just that extra bit smoother, creamier, and less bitter.

To me, I think the cherry on top of the “holy heck Fizzics is awesome” realization was two fold. First, I put my least favourite beer of all time in it and tapped it. While it wasn’t a brew I would order regularly, after Fizzics it was somewhat palatable. Second, I took it to my parents place for dinner one night and had my super “Type-A-beer-drinking-don’t-change-what-I-love” father try a before and after of his favourite beer. My dad is a man who loves the sound of his own voice, but after drinking his go-to beer on the Fizzics, he was actually speechless.

Here’s the truth folks–I don’t understand the physics behind Fizzics, but what I do know is that it takes beer and enhances the flavour subtly, but to a point where your favourite brew is better, and brew that you wouldn’t have considered is actually palatable. I know there is science behind the system, but I think it’s just magic.

So, if you have a beer enthusiast on your list this year, the Fizzics Portable Draft Beer System is the only gift you need to buy.



Stacey McGregor
Stacey McGregor is a marketing and communications professional based in Vancouver, BC. She has a passion for the written word, loves learning about new technology and gadgets, and enjoys sharing what she learns through Best Buy's Plug In blog.


  1. I heard a lot about Fizzics, and thought how could this possibly make my already great craft beer better and dismissed it. Then I read a product review in The Beer Connoisseur they raved about Fizzics and figured what do I have to lose and gave it a go and OMG, this thing is amazing! I’ve bought 2 as gifts for my brewer friends and they now are using it in their breweries serving porter and stouts on Fizzics. No wonder why these guys scored a $2mm deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank.

  2. I have to admit that as a home-brewer and craft beer snob, I’m a little bit dubious about a magic beer-improving machine!

    Do you plug it in? Does it require a gas canister or anything?

    • Hi Justin! No, you don’t need to plug it in, you simply need to power it with 4 AA batteries. No canisters and no gas. I have to be honest, I was pretty dubious about the machine myself when I first read about it’s “magical” abilities, but it really does improve the taste of beer. My friend said it best when she was helping me test it with her constant “eff you Fizzics!” because our favourite beers will never taste the same.

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