Dyson appliances are well-made, stylish, and they do the job as good or better than their competition. Readers love to learn about their products on the blog, but it’s their hair tools that seem to get people’s attention the most—we all want to look great! Their newest hair tool, the Corrale Cordless Straightener is no exception. With this Best Buy contest, one person will win this awesome hair tool.

Beautiful hair delivered Dyson style

Dyson sets the bar on style with everything they make. Their hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic looked futuristic, like something you’d see in a science fiction movie. And it delivered: great temperature control, great air movement, and great results. It was a hit with our reviewers, and a hit with customers gathering an impressive 4.8 average rating based on 717 reviews on the product page. Check out what Best Buy customers have written; you’ll see superlatives like, “game changer,” “the best,” and “I love my Dyson hairdryer.”

Dyson Corrale is a straight up winner

We sent the new Corrale to a Best Buy reviewer to test and give an honest opinion. Rae Chen ended her review saying, “… it’s amazing if you have a thick head of hair. If you loved the Dyson hair dryer, you’re likely to love this straightener, too. It would be perfect if you travel a lot, or if you’re constantly forgetting to plug things in or turn things off.” Here is her video showing how easy it is to get great results using the Corrale:

Have you ever used a Dyson product? Is there any Dyson product you have seen and really wanted to try? Enter this contest and you might get the chance to own one!

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once here on the contest page and once in a comment to the review article by Rae Chen. In your comment, tell us if you have ever owned a Dyson product AND which new Dyson product you would love to try and why. A valid entry must have have all of these parts. For example, I might write, “I own a Dyson vacuum but would love to try the Supersonic because my hair has grown so much while I’ve been social distancing … so much!”

What you can win

At the end of this contest we’ll select one winner from all valid entries to receive a new Dyson Corrale.

This contest runs from June 17th to July 2nd.

Remember you can only enter once her on the contest page and once on the review article. However, tell your sisters, your brother, your mother, your father, your friends … share this and perhaps if someone you know wins, then you’ll get a chance to find out why Dyson hair products are so coveted around the world. Increases your chances of giving it a try!

Win a Dyson Corrale Cordless Straightener rules and regulations

Good luck.


  1. Hi my name is Mary and I have never used a Dyson product before, but I would absolutely LOVE to use the Dyson Corrale Cordless Straightener, for my dry, puffy summer hair! Now that isolation is coming to an end I am hitting up the beach more often and my hair needs some taming and silky straight locks after all of the fuzzy strands have been coming out after some much needed beach days!! The iron looks fabulous and like it will be able to help my fizzy hair out 🙂

  2. I currently own two Dyson vacuums. One for the house and the cordless for the rv. We have a 180 lb dog that sheds constantly and have been so pleased with my original purchase that we decided to get the cordless for cleaning our vehicles and rv. The straightener would be so nice to have. I am a driver for work and spend a lot of time in the truck and this would sure come in handy for getting ready to face the day! Though any product from Dyson would be great as you know you can expect an amazing quality product.

  3. I have never owned a Dyson product but I would like to own this hair straightener as it looks like it is a quality product i would enjoy.

  4. I own a Dyson upright vacuum and a Dyson Pure Hot+Cool and would love to try the Corrale Cordless Straightener. It’s just out of my price range at the moment

  5. I have never owned a Dyson product but I would love to own a Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ air purifying fan heater in Black/Nickel because it looks like the most useful product I can imagine.

  6. I have never owned a Dyson unit. I was lent a Dyson vaccuum and loved it but had to give it back. I would love to try the cordless Dyson Vaccuum for sure but I also use a straightner most days and to win a CORDLESS one would make me very very happy. I have so many things plugged into my morning beauty routine area of my room that when using my hair dryer I have to unplug something all the time and if I use the straightener I then have to unplug the dryer and so forth. This would be an amazing addition to my morning routine and would simplify things with one less wire to worry about… Thank you Dyson.

  7. We have owned a Dyson vacuum cleaner for a few years and we absolutely love it! My wife would love to receive the Dyson hair straightener because she is always complaining that so many straighteners are of such poor quality. We are sure that a Dyson product would be far superior.

  8. I never owned any Dyson product, but their technology and design are absolutely wonderful and I would love to try. I have curly hair and during the humid summer right now in PEI, I’m in need of a straightener!

  9. I own a Dyson vacuum. It’s great I would love to win this cordless straightener. I’m currently enrolled in cosmetology so it would help with my future endeavours.

  10. I have never owned Dyson as they are expensive but would love to try blow dryer or straightener.

  11. I’ve never owned a Dyson product but have always wanted to try them. I’ve always been afraid to use a hair straightener, but the Dyson one looks perfect for me to try!

  12. We have owned more than a few Dyson products and they were all great.The new product we would like to try is the Corrale Cordless Straightener to help control my wife’s “lockdown” hair.

  13. I have recently purchased a Dyson fan – great product! If the hair straightener works as good as our new fan whoever wins it will be a happy camper.

  14. Even though I don’t own any of your products, I adore Dyson and would love to have any. The colour, the design, everything is planned to the perfection.

  15. I have never owned a Dyson but I hear that this is a very good company and that my friends tell me that everything that Dyson makes is well done. I could be a vacuum or a straightener this would be nice to own.

  16. I own the Dyson ball vac and love it but would love to try the Dyson pure hot+cool air purifying fan heater.

  17. I have never owned a Dyson product but I have used a Dyson vacuum cleaner many times. Would love to win this for my daughters birthday. How awesome would that be? Love Dyson- the quality speaks for the product and brand!!!!

  18. I have never owned any Dyson products but I know they are excellent. As a senior they are a little out of my price range.
    I do need a new hair straightener and I hope I am lucky enough to win this one. Thank you for the opportunity.

  19. We own a Dyson vacuum but would love to try the Supersonic. Recently, I got 6 inches cut off my hair and I am going gray so this would be great to use this straightener. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  20. I do not own a Dyson product but I really would love to try the Dyson Corrale cordless hair straigtner

  21. I’ve never owned a Dyson product but know several people who have Dyson vacuums and love them. I plan to buy one soon. I would love to try the Dyson Supersonic…actually I would like to try ANY Dyson product because I hear they far exceed peoples expectations because they are top quality products.

  22. i owned a dyson vacuum cleaner. best ever. i would like to win this cordless straightener for my grand daughters long and thick curly hair

  23. I own a Dyson air wrap and a Dyson V7 cordless vaccum cleaner and would love to have a Dyson Corrale Cordless.

  24. I don’t own any Dyson products and I would love to try the Corrale Cordless Straightener. It would really help style my thick hair and I love that is cordless.

  25. I have tried the Dyson vacuum, it it’s amazing. I would love to try the straightener!

    • I’d like to own one because it has the capacity to offer both hot or cold air when needed, based on the temperature. Practical one-piece item.

  26. I don’t own any Dyson products but would love to try their pet vacuum, heater/fan and of course, this straightener!

  27. I have never owned a Dyson product yet, but I would like to try the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer because the supersonic seems like the safest hair dryer out there that will hopefully not damage my hair in the long run.

  28. This would be so awesome. I have 2 daughters and we would all love this. Thanks for this opportunity

  29. We own the Dyson cordless vacuum it’s amazing. Would love to get the straightener for my wife for her birthday in July

  30. I don’t own any Dyson products but I am going to get the Dyson V10 vacuum. I have heard such good things about Dyson products.

  31. I love my Dyson cordless vacuum and would love to have the straightener to control my damaged hair

  32. I have never owned a Dyson but I would like to try one of the cordless vacuums because I’ve heard great things about them.

  33. We have a Dyson cordless vacuum and love it for it portability but a Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier would be great to have since I have allergies.

  34. I’ve never owned a Dyson product but I’d like to try the cordless hair straightener because I don’t currently own a straightener and Dyson is known for having high-quality products!

  35. We’ve had Dyson vacuums in the past and they definitly live up to their brand.i would love to be able to try the straightener or cordless vacuum one day! I love cordless, but you often compromise quality for the convenience. Ive heard from reviews that it’s definitely not the case for Dyson

  36. I have owned several Dyson vacuums, and they are far and above better than any other brand. I would love to win either the straightener or the hair dryer.

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