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Just like that, summer vacation is nearing it’s end and it’s time for students to get back to learning and studying. To help you stay focused in class, it’s important to feed your mind and body with nutritious and delicious foods. This can sometimes be tricky for university students as time and funds may be short. That’s why today I’ll talk about why a bar fridge is such a dorm room necessity for all of the students heading back to their dorms this September.

Bar fridges keep snacks on hand

bar fridgeAs a student living on a budget it’s more economical to purchase snacks and drinks in bulk at your local grocery store instead of hitting up the cafeteria or vending machine daily. You’ll then have them on hand while you’re doing homework or studying in your dorm and you can have breakfast when you get up or take something as you head out the door to class in the mornings.

There are some great bar fridges on the market with plenty of space, adjustable shelves, drink storage in the door and more. This Insignia 3.3 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Bar Fridge also has an interior light for you to find snacks and drinks in the dark and is low-noise which is perfect for a dorm room if you have roommates.

A bar fridge for personal food and drink

Danby ContemporarySometimes when there’s a communal fridge people like to help themselves to items that don’t belong to them, even if you put your name on it. Anyone who has a communal work fridge has probably experienced this first hand. Students on a budget don’t have the funds to supply food and drinks to everyone, so having your own bar fridge will curb those people who like to help themselves.

For a personal bar fridge, this Danby Contemporary Classic 2.6 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Compact Refrigerator is both stylish and functional. The door has the CanStor dispenser for cans as well as room for tall bottles like drinks and condiments. There’s also enough storage space for snacks and meals.

A bar fridge helps make healthy choices

bar fridge crisperFinding healthy snacks on the go can sometimes be difficult and it also seems like the healthier options are often the most expensive items. Students on a budget and who own a bar fridge can keep healthy food options like fruits and veggies on hand. When you have healthy options readily available you’ll be less likely to grab something that’s cheap and quick like fast food.

You can find a bar fridge like this Danby 4.5 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Bar Fridge that has a vegetable crisper and a true freezer to store ice or frozen meals. With the crisper drawer, freezer, door storage for drinks and two shelves there’s plenty of space for healthy meals, snacks and drinks to fuel you through your day.

This September, take a bar fridge with you when you head to dorms so you have snacks and drinks at your finger tips. Starting your day with a full stomach and staying hydrated will help you have a successful day.

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