There are some small kitchen appliances you just can’t help get really excited about. For some people that appliance might be a crockpot, for others a bread maker. At my house, we always get a real kick out of blenders. That could be because we’ve had some real stinkers over the years, where you can literally see the blades struggling to cut through whatever we’ve put in the bowl and you can smell the blender’s motor as it burns out.

Yes, I’ve killed off a few blenders in my time, so I’ve been really impressed with how far blenders have come over the past few years, and even more impressed when I gave the Breville Boss Super Blender a run through for a few days.

This is a blender that needs to be added to my list of must-have small appliances. It’s sleek, it’s built tough, and it has 12 speeds you can access via an LCD screen. Plus, there’s a dial you can use to give the engine a few revs to really crush whatever you’re blending.

When it comes to this blender, the name ‘Boss’ really fits. Here’s a quick run through of the Breville Boss Super Blender. 




While some blenders lack speed and power they make up for it by having a large bowl, but the Breville Boss Super Blender has speed, power, plus a 2 liter Tritan jug that’s BPA free and can stand up to anything. With a jug that size, you don’t have to just create one smoothie at a time; you can mix up a bunch or crush a ton of ice.

Overall, it’s a blender that’s easy on the eyes, and definitely one I’d like to see sitting on my counter.


This is the first blender I’ve tried with an LCD screen, and it really comes in handy when you’re deciding how best to blend something. There are 5 pre-set functions including ice crush, smoothie, green smoothie, frozen dessert, and soup, plus timer buttons and an auto-clean function.

One look at the blades and you’ll know this is no ordinary blender. Most blenders have small blades that sit at the bottom of the jug, and they spin the ingredients at the bottom. If something gets stuck down there, you have to stop you’re blending and dislodge it. If you try to work your way past it by continuing to blend, you can generate a lot of heat and blend your ingredients unevenly. Some parts would be pulverized and others would be chunks.

With the Breville Boss Super Blender, you get the ProKinetix system. That means you have wide-sweeping blades that push all of your ingredients up, up, up to the top of the jug and central blades that pull the ingredients down toward the bottom. The pulverize and fold system means anything you put in the jug, from smoothies to almonds, gets the same crushing treatment for more even blending. The ProKinetix action will also transfer less heat and preserve up to 24% more nutrients in your food.

The back-lit LCD screen on the Breville Boss Super Blender is a great feature, especially if you’re someone who likes to time functions in the kitchen. I found it especially handy when I had someone asking over and over again when the smoothie would be ready, and I could tell him to watch the timer.

But my favourite feature was the manual speed selector. When you turn that dial it’s like revving up an engine, and when I was making a smoothie, I couldn’t help give it a few revs. Best of all, even when you turn up the motor to the limit, there’s no lag in power or burning smell.


To give the Breville Boss Super Blender a good run through, I made a few different recipes. Included in the Breville Boss is a book full of great recipes, and you’d be amazed at what you can make with it. Ice cream, sauces, soups, and salsa are all listed with a ton of amazing juices and smoothies, so it’s really hard to just get started with just a few.

Because we’re Nutella fans in my house, we started with Nutella Banana ice cream. We threw all of the ingredients into the jug and hit the ‘Frozen Dessert’ button. The timer started counting down from 1:00, and we watched as the ingredients became thicker and thicker in the jug. Although it wasn’t solid ice cream when the timer ran out, it was pretty close. We threw the ice cream in a bowl and popped it in the freezer for 10 minutes, and it didn’t last long when it came out.

Next up, I wanted to grind some almonds. For me, this is the ultimate test for a blender because my older blender constantly gets the almonds stuck in the bottom of the bowl. I tossed a cupful of whole almonds into the Breville Boss Super Blender, turned the dial for manual blending, and watched them disappear. I’m happy to say I didn’t have to stop blending to dislodge the almonds from the blade once. They appeared even and not a single almond was missed in the blending.

The last thing I tried was a green smoothie, and I followed my favourite recipe for a Banana and Walnut Smoothietossed with a handful of kale. Usually my blender leaves largish chunks of kale in the smoothie, and that results in a bit of a bitter after taste. With the Breville Boss Super Blender, it was as smooth as silk.


I’m used to just tossing my blender’s jug in the dishwasher and hoping for the best. I find the jug usually comes clean, but the bottom of the jug constantly catches residue that builds up.

That’s why I was in love with the Breville Boss Super Blender’s Auto Clean button. Basically you just fill it with water and hit Auto Clean. The blades whirl and the blender powers through a cycle, and when it’s done you just rinse the jug and it’s clean. No stuck on food is left over, and you don’t have to wait for a dishwasher cycle.



If you’ve been using an older blender, the Breville Boss Super Blender is really going to blow your mind. It exceeded my expectations for blending smoothies, it crushed ice into slush-sized chips, and I love how it pulverizes almonds. There really were no negatives to this blender, and it’s one of those appliances that look great on your counter.


Breville makes great, long lasting, and powerful appliances, and the Boss Super Blender will really make you wonder why you spent any amount of time fiddling with a less powerful blender. Be sure to check out the Breville Boss Super Blender and other Breville small appliances on right now.


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