Upgrade your dishwasherWashing dishes isn’t my favourite chore, but you can’t deny how it’s so nice when your dishwasher washes them up and you can put them away, sparkling clean, in your cupboard.

I had to wash dishes by hand for a year while waiting on a kitchen renovation, and I had no idea how many new features were available on new dishwashers until I started shopping for one. Now that I’ve brought a new dishwasher home, I’m so amazed at how well it cleans my dishes compared to my old model.

If you’re in the market to upgrade your dishwasher, here’s a few things I discovered when shopping for a new model.

Upgrade your dishwasher for more room

third rack new dishwasher Hello third rack, where have you been all my life? Some of the latest models of dishwasher including LG, Samsung, and Bosch feature a third rack that sits on top of your top rack. You can use that rack to wash forks and knives, spatulas and long knives, or slide in a few extra plates that don’t fit on the bottom of the dishwasher. It doesn’t matter what you wash in that third rack; it just matters that it’s there if you need it.

New dishwashers have features to spare

GE Stainless Steel dishwasherDo you wash a lot of water bottles and want to make sure they’re clean inside and out? Dishwashers like the GE GDT655SMJES built-in dishwasher with stainless steel tub feature bottle wash jets that get right inside your bottles and vases.

If you’ve never heard of Quad Wash, you’re in for a treat. The LG LDP6797ST 24″ built-in dishwasher features four cleaning arms instead of the standard two most dishwashers have. Those extra arms blast off stuck on food and leave your dishes squeaky clean.

There’s also hard food disposal options that let you skip rinsing the plates, pots, and pans, and just pop them inside the dishwasher. A hard food disposer with removable filter is available in some models of dishwasher, and it chops up your food particles and rinses them away so they don’t clog your filter or your jets.

They save on your energy bill

energy star dishwashers Energy Star appliances have been around for awhile, but more and more people are opting to buy them when they make the decision to upgrade their dishwasher. Not only do Energy Star rated appliances use less power, they use less water too.

Upgrade your dishwasher and you’ll barely hear it running

Silence Rating Dishwashers Bestbuy.caIf you grew up when dishwashers first became a thing in every kitchen, you’ll remember how loud they used to be. I remember being a kid and the dishwasher we had would literally drown out the sound of the TV.

If you upgrade your dishwasher from an older model now, you’ll be amazed at how quiet it runs. You can even choose a dishwasher that’s based on its silence rating, and the higher the rating the more likely you’ll turn it on and wonder if its even running.

The smartest dishwasher around

LG Smart dishwasherThe LG LDP6797ST 24″ built-in dishwasher is also a smart dishwasher. It features both SmartThinQ technology and NFC Tag On technology. That means you can download the LG app on your phone and select new cycles, personalize your settings, and even tap into LG Smart Diagnosis if you think something is wrong.

What to take into consideration if you’re going to upgrade your dishwasher

There are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to upgrade your dishwasher. Because these are not plug and play devices, you’ll have to know how to install a dishwasher or hire someone who does.

Geek Squad will install your dishwasher for you, creating the proper connections for electricity and hot water, and they can even haul away your old dishwasher for you.

You’ll also want to measure for your dishwasher before you choose a model. Some openings are different sizes, so knowing exactly how to measure for your dishwasher makes it easy to choose the right size.

If you’re ready to upgrade, take a look at the dishwasher buying guide and click over to all of the dishwashers available right now on Best Buy. Happy washing!


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