samsung-family-hub-2-french door fridgeAs someone who has a full suite of Samsung appliances in her home, I waiting to check out what was new in Samsung appliances this year at CES 2017. They blew my doors off with their press conference, and I’m particularly thrilled about what’s happening in the world of Samsung refrigerators. Here’s a quick recap of the appliances Samsung just announced.

ces2017_familyhub2-0-samsungFamily Hub 2.0 on French door fridges

The future of refrigerators is finally here, and I’m so glad because I’ve been waiting for this to happen: Family Hub 2.0, Samsung’s 21.5 touchscreen display that was introduced in one model of Samsung refrigerator last year, is now going to be available in many different 3-door and 4-door French door refrigerators and the 4-Door Flex refrigerator.

That means anyone who’s in the market for a new Samsung refrigerator will be able to bring home Family Hub 2.0. It connects you to your kitchen and gives you amazing features like voice commands, interior cameras so you can pop on your app and look to see what’s in your fridge, access to recipes, or a connection to your family members though individual profiles and personal photos.

A refrigerator is the hub of the kitchen, so it makes sense that your calendar, grocery lists, weather, family schedule, and shared notes are all available right on the door and in your Samsung app via Family Hub 2.0. I’m so excited for these fridges to hit floor room of Best Buy.


making-the-invisible-visible-the-all-new-virtual-flame-technologySamsung built-ins are the way of the future

Samsung’s bringing built-in appliances to an entirely new level. You’ll be able to find Samsung double and single wall ovens, built-in gas cooktops, and induction cooktops with amazing features like SteamBake and SteamRoast, Magnetic Knobs, and Virtual Flame technology.

These built-ins will feature Wi-Fi connections so you’ll be able to talk to your oven and ask it to turn off and on or check in and see how things are cooking. The Samsung Range Hood will also have Bluetooth so it will turn off and on automatically when you’re using the cooktop.

samsung flex wash

Flex Wash means two washing machines in one

I don’t know how many times I’ve wished for a wall of washing machines like you’d see on reality TV makeover shows. Can you imagine how quickly you’d have all of your laundry done if you had more than one set of laundry machines?

That dream is now a reality thanks to Samsung’s FlexWash. It’s both a front-loading and top-loading washing machine, all in one. That means you can do smaller loads on top while still washing a large load on the bottom, and then dry everything in the FlexDry dryer.

The top of the Flex dryer doesn’t tumble, but you can lay your dedicates flat and have what amounts to a gentle, warm breeze dry them. I imagine it would be like laying them out in the sun.

The large capacity dryer can take on a family load of clothes, and because it’s a connected appliance you can stop, start, and monitor your clothes progress via the Samsung app.
It all adds up to a really exciting year for Samsung, and a ton of great stuff to look forward to for a Samsung fan like myself. Check out everything Samsung on right now, and be on the lookout for the Family Hub 2.0.

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