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There were a lot of great announcements out of Samsung at CES 2019, but the one that really caught my eye was the announcement of a brand new model of Samsung Family Hub with a smoother user experience. They also announced a new Wi-Fi connected smart front load washer.

Here’s a quick look at what Samsung just revealed at CES 2019.

Samsung Family Hub 4.0 refrigerator will be the home assistant you’ve always wanted

samsung family hub ces 2019

You’ve probably already laid eyes on the Samsung Family Hub. It’s a total standout in any showroom thanks to the panel sized LCD touch display, interior cameras to show you what’s in the fridge without opening the door, and energy efficient cooling options to reach ever corner. The original Family Hub is pretty amazing, but the latest model promises to be even better.

The Samsung Family Hub 4.0 refrigerator is just as gorgeous as it always was, but now there’s advanced A.I (artificial intelligence) built in to help you get more from your fridge. Instead of thinking of it as a just an appliance you use to keep your milk cold and your oranges from getting moldy, Samsung would like you to consider it the center of your kitchen and hub of your family connections.

Bixby, the voice assistant on the Samsung Family Hub 4.0 refrigerator, has been modified to sound more natural. He’ll respond to different voice commands in a more interactive way, and he can even send you a notification to let you know if you left the door of the fridge open.

The home screen is the center of the Family Hub, and it’s been redesigned so it’s easier to use. There’s also the Personal Family Board to let everyone in your family add content and customize for their own unique interests. The Family Board will be predictive, so it will learn and change to create a custom experience for your family.

The Samsung Family Hub 4.0 refrigerator will also communicate with your other apps and appliances, and it will use the SmartThings app to troubleshoot any errors.

A Samsung washing machine that connects to Wi-Fi

samsung_washer ces 2019If you have a Samsung washing machine you’ve probably heard of the Laundry dongle. It plugs into certain models of Samsung washing machine to connect the appliance to Wi-Fi. Once online, you’d be able to turn the machine off and on, pause or start a load, or trouble shoot any issues.

With the latest Samsung washing machine announced at CES 2019, you won’t need a dongle. It’s a smart front load washer with Wi-Fi built in. Instead of wondering which cycle to choose, your washing machine can choose the best cycle for your bedding, clothes, and more.

There’s also Laundry Recipe to provide you with a recommended cycle depending on the type, colour, and level of dirt on the clothing or bedding. If you always forget to turn on the washing machine, there’s also an option to schedule your washes for whenever you’d like.

There’s so much to be excited about from Samsung during CES 2019, so keep an eye out for more Samsung announcements. In the mean time, check out all of the appliances already available from Samsung on Best Buy right now.

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