Before updating my washer and dryer, I had many frustrating laundry mishaps involving suds on the floor and sopping wet clothing in the machine. A washer and dryer on its last legs can be ineffective, annoying and expensive to repair. With Best Buy expanding their washer and dryer selection, this is the perfect time to spring clean your laundry room and invest in a reliable laundry system from LG!

LG is Canada’s bestselling brand of washers and dryers. This is due to their systems that are reliable, stylish and energy efficient, making them the perfect addition to any home or apartment.

There are two main categories of washers: front loading and top loading with advantages and disadvantages to each.  Dryers tend to have similar mechanisms and components, but vary in regards to settings and capacity. Below I will break down the differences between front and top loading machines and outline some of my favorite LG paired laundry systems.

Front Loading:

When it comes to energy efficiency, front loading washers are a better option. Because the drum is horizontal, this unit needs only a third of the water a top loading machine needs. Front loading washers also tend to ring out the wet clothes more efficiently, which will save you more money on energy.

Front loading machines also tend to be slightly less rough on your clothing and linens. A great front load washer and dryer combo is the LG 4.6 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer & 7.3 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer. The washer is equipped with both the 6Motion and Steam Technology guarantees consistently clean clothes by using six washing movements and deep cleaning to loosen stains and dirt. The TrueBalance System keep the washer quiet during spin cycles by using anti-vibration technology, which makes it great for living spaces where the washer/dryer need to be in an open space.

The Direct Drive Motor system on this set ensures the unit is constructed with very few parts, and that increases the efficiency of operation which decreasing the need for repairs. The matching electric dryer has a massive 7.2 cubic feet drum to save you time and money on electricity, and it has five temperature settings and a Custom function that allows you to save your favorite settings. The Sensor Dry system automatically senses the moisture in the system and adjusts the drying time accordingly, while the Wrinkle care feature will also automatically tumble clothes left in the dryer every 3 hours until the clothing is removed. Last but not least, this unit is equipped with a removable drying rack for more delicate items.

Top Loading:

Top loading washers are a good option when it comes to size and lifting and bending. By loading your clothes from the top, you avoid having to bend and lift heavy wet laundry from the front of a machine. Also, top loading washing machines can offer almost double the capacity of front loading washers. For example the LG 5.8 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer and 7.3 Cu. Ft. LG Electric Dryer is a great option if you’re looking for something that can efficiently handle high volumes of clothing. The washing machine has some similar features to the front loading washer, including Direct Drive Motor and the TrueBalance System, but this top loading washer is equipped with a SmartRinse Jet Spray System that guarantees high rinsing capacity with every load. The matching dryer for this unit has a variety of features to decrease your time spent doing laundry. Like the dryer I mentioned above, the unit has five drying settings and a Custom option to save your favorite settings as well as a Sensor Dry system to adjust the drying time according to the moisture of the clothes.

One of my favourite featuers is the Wrinkle care feature – it tumbles laundry every 3 hours so you won’t have wrinkled clothes when you have time to pull them out. It’s easy to keep clean too, because the FlowSense Duct Clogging indicator goes off when an overflowing lint tray needs emptying. This LG dryer also has a removable drying rack for delicate items.

No matter what  you choose, LG’s high quality laundry systems deliver reliable washing and drying load after load. It’s no surprise that this brand is the bestselling laundry brand in Canada! Their washing mechanisms have powerful cleaning abilities, while remaining soft of delicate fabrics and extending the life of your clothes. Their dryers will save energy by constantly adjusting their drying time depending on the moisture of the clothes. Lastly, their inner components make them easy to repair. Whether your laundry room is spacious or cramped, Best Buy’s expanded selection of appliances guarantees you’ll find an LG laundry system to fit your home and your needs!

Lucy Woodhead
My focus is to discuss tech products that are trendy and in demand amongst the younger generation. Over the years I have reviewed, compared and wrote about a wide variety of products, including headphones, speakers, sound docks, iPods and mp3 players. With Best Buy’s launch of VIVA and Home & Lifestyle, I have had the opportunity to expand my focus to include a younger person’s perspective on many of these great products as well!