Jashen M16Most homes these days have a variety of floor coverings, from hard wood to carpeting. So, it’s nice to have one tool or appliance that can clean them all. I had the opportunity to test out the Jashen M16 cordless floor cleaner on my hardwood and tile flooring.

Inside the box of the Jashen M16 cordless floor cleaner

Jashen M16 Inside the boxOnce you unbox the Jashen M16 you’ll find the mop head, handle, and body of the unit. The body pieces require assembling and need to be secured using the body fix screw. The clean water tank is already installed in the body of the floor cleaner and pulls out easily for filling. You’ll also find the charging adapter, measuring cup, waste tract, and the self-cleaning and storage dock. The included user guide is worth reading through before getting started.

Features and specifications

  • Works on hardwood, tiles, vinyl, marble, or laminate
  • Dirty water alert function
  • Spray and switch button
  • Cordless
  • Battery status indicator lights
  • Spray nozzle
  • Roller release button
  • Compatible with household cleaning products
  • Self-cleaning
  • 26000 mAh lithium battery
  • Cleans up to 20 minutes/1290 sqft

Testing the Jashen M16 floor cleaner

Jashen M16 buttons and batteryBefore first use, you’ll need to put the Jashen M16 cordless floor cleaner together with the body fix screw then charge it in the docking station for four hours. You’ll know when it’s fully charged once all three status lights on the backside of the handle are illuminated. The floor cleaner will not power on while it is still plugged in and charging so you’ll need to unplug it to power on to check the battery percentage.

Once the unit is fully charged, you need to fill the clean water tank with cold or lukewarm water and your cleaning solution of choice. For cleaning solution dosage amounts, simply follow the instructions from your household cleaning solution. Be sure to only fill the cleaning water tank to the max fill line and never use boiling or hot water. To avoid excess foaming during filling, fill the water first and then add the cleaning solution. Close the clean water tank with the rubber seal tank lock and insert it back into the handle of the floor cleaner, pushing until you hear a click.

Jashen M16 after cleaningThis floor cleaner is a wet and dry mop, and it will work best if you first sweep or vacuum your hard surfaces to pick up any dirt and debris, then wet mop. Once you power on the Jashen M16 Floor Cleaner, the mop roller immediately starts to spin. Hold onto the handle tightly as it will start to move forward by itself upon powering on. I first tested out the dry mop option and easily mopped up some milk from my kitchen tiles. I was impressed that I only had to go over the area once to soak up the spill. I then tested out the self-cleaning function by filling the docking station with water as directed. I then placed the floor cleaner in the dock and powered it on. The floor cleaner starting spinning and I ran it for 30 seconds as instructed. Sure enough, once I removed the floor cleaner from the docking station, the water was milky looking, telling me that the mop roller was indeed clean.

To use the wet mop option, place the floor cleaner in the docking station with fresh water in the roller wash tank. Press the power button to power on and allow the mop roller to spin for 5 seconds and then power it off. Place the mop roller onto your prepped floors, hold the cleaner back at a 60 degree angle and power on to start cleaning. Spray your cleaning solution where needed as you go, especially for stuck on messes that may need a deeper clean.

Jashen M16 dockTake extra care to avoid wetting the floor in excess when cleaning hardwood or other delicate type floor coverings. If at any time during cleaning you notice the mop roller is looking soiled, place the floor cleaner in the self-cleaning docking station filled with water as directed, power it on and allow the unit to self-clean. To empty out the self-cleaning docking station place it near a drain, I put it in my walk-in shower, attach the waste tract at the back of cleaning station and step on the red drainage button to drain the dirty water. You’ll want to run a self-clean after each use to draw out any excess water and to avoid any possible mould growth and musty smells from lingering on the mop roller.

Final thoughts

Jashen M16 mop and dockOverall, the Jashen M16 cordless floor cleaner is easy to use and is lightweight and compact enough that it can easily be tucked away in a corner or be stored away in a hall closet to be brought out for use when needed. It cleans up spills quickly and is self-cleaning which is a plus. I also like that you can remove the mop roller from the unit when needed for a deeper clean.

The self-cleaning storage dock is also lightweight enough to pick up and move where needed. Since the dock needs to be near a drain for wastewater drainage, it’s nice that you can carry wherever you need it without worrying about a back injury. I found it best to place it in my shower to drain but any drain would work.

One note worth mentioning: only use household cleaning solutions that don’t have strong chemicals that could be harmful to your flooring.

You can find the Jashen M16 cordless floor cleaner at Best Buy online.

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