LG New Oven Tech mainOnce again, the holiday season is fast approaching. This means there will be many holiday feasts to cook. The holiday season usually brings family and friend get togethers, a traditional dinner or two, and days and evenings full of entertaining. Your kitchen and kitchen appliances will get put to good use as you make all kinds of sweet and savoury dishes to serve to your loved ones. Whether you’re cooking a big feast for family and friends or hosting a potluck style gathering, new oven technology will help you get amazing dishes on the table.

New oven technology offers air frying

LG oven with air fryerHow amazing would it be to have an air fryer built right into your oven? I’m someone who doesn’t use a lot of small appliances. I don’t like having my countertops packed with a variety of appliances and don’t have the storage available for too many of them, as much as I’d love to be able to enjoy their benefits.

I like an air fryer because it’s easy for the whole family to use, and it makes crispy fried foods quick, easy, and with a lot less oil. Having it built into your oven also means you can air fry in larger quantities. This holiday wouldn’t it be lovely to serve your guests some beautiful and yummy roast potatoes and veggies?

Combination ovens offer more cooking options

Frigidaire combination wall ovenWith new technology always emerging, there are many ways to cook a meal for yourself, your family, or for hosting those special holiday meals. Sous vide cooking has grown in popularity because it’s a great way to slow cook, preserving flavours, textures, and nutrients in food.

Combination ovens are a great way to get a variety of cooking methods in one appliance. Some other features and options you might find in a combination oven are convection, air frying, proofing, dehydrating, and more. You might also want to consider one with a built-in probe thermometer. This will help you achieve a perfectly cooked turkey this holiday season.

Double ovens are perfect for large meals

Samsung double ovenLarge family feasts or hosting for the holidays is no problem with the technology of a double oven. This option allows you to configure your cooking in a variety of ways. You can cook two dishes at different temperatures, like roasting a dish on the top and baking a pie in the bottom.

When I’m planning my holiday meal, I’m always thinking about timing and how I can get the whole meal on the table while everything is still hot. A double oven gives you the flexibility to cook a variety of dishes at once or even keep some warm while others are still cooking. I’m sure my guests hardly notice if one side dish is cooler. But it’s still something that stresses me out in the moment.

With the holidays just around the corner and fun festive parties and outings already in full swing, take the pressure off your plate with an amazing oven that will make cooking a breeze. This way, you can spend less time in the kitchen cooking, and more time with your loved ones.

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