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Recently James Dyson revealed Dyson’s latest technology to the world via a media event in Tokyo. He launched the machine many have been eagerly anticipating—the Dyson robot vacuum cleaner.


After years of intensive research and development, we are launching an intelligent, cyclonic, robot vacuum that is capable of cleaning properl:the Dyson 360 Eyerobot vacuum cleaner. 21 years of Dyson vacuum cleaning expertize has allowed us to create a machine with the most powerful suction power of any robot vacuum cleaner.



The Dyson 360 Eye™ achieves it using technology you won’t find in any other robot vacuum:


  • The unique 360˚ vision system lets the machine see all around the room at once so that it knows where it is and where it has yet to clean;
  • A Dyson digital motor generates powerful suction;
  • Patented Dyson cyclones separate even the smallest particles of dust and dirt from the airflow;
  • A full width brush bar allows maximum cleaning coverage;
  • And continuous tank tracks maintain its speed and direction across all floor types.



The camera in the Dyson 360 Eye™ robot vacuum cleaner takes up to 30 frames per second—enabling the machine to effectively interpret its surroundings. Because the shutter speed of the camera matches the machine’s speed of travel, its position is always accurate to within millimetres, so it knows exactly where it is in the room, where it has yet to clean and uses infrared sensors to detect where obstacles lie.




Take a look at a 360 view of the Dyson robot by visiting www.Dyson360Eye.com and check out additional videos of the new machine at YouTube.com/DysonCanada .




Jessica Danziger-Lin
Jamie joined Dyson Canada a year after its launch in 2007. He worked with stores across the country to get Dyson technology into people’s hands. Seven years later, he’s now Dyson Canada’s product man – looking after everything to do with Dyson’s vacuums, fans and new technologies coming to Canada.


  1. I saw presentation and it feels like it even beats the almighty Roomba. Minimum with engine power and programming. Its like a golden age for technologies. but i feel like it doesn’t win by pricing, cuz i would still prefer buying Hoover or some random robovac just to keep the pricing low for the device i don’t even feel will be efficient for its money (you still need to vacuum after this little guys fyi)

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