bosch-laundry-room.jpgPut up your hand if you like to do laundry. No, I can’t really see any hands waving, but I’ll assume there are very few people who actually enjoy the process of washing and folding laundry. It’s definitely one of those chores that take up a lot of time every week, and as soon as everything is folded and put away, you have to start all over again.

But another reason why you might not enjoy doing laundry is that you have the wrong laundry machine. People tend to hang onto major appliances until they break down and you’re forced to replace them, but there’s a lot to be said for upgrading an appliance even if your current set isn’t broken.

The latest laundry pairs, like Bosch’s washer and dryers, are ultra-efficient and have new technology built in to actually make doing laundry easier. How exactly? Let’s take a look at some of the features Bosch washer and dryers have to get you through your laundry pile faster:

Large capacity = less loads

When you have a huge laundry pile just waiting to be washed, you want to maximize your loads while minimizing your wait time in between. Bosch washers can help you get through your laundry with large capacity tubs. The Bosch 2.2 Cu.Ft. Front Load Washer holds a whopping 17.6 pounds of laundry at one time. That works out to 14 pairs of jeans or 18 towels in one load. Once it’s washed, the Bosch 4.1 Cu.Ft Electric Dryer takes over, drying each load quickly.

Load in the front so your clothes snag lessB0004560.jpg

You might spend a lot of time in tshirts, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a pile of laundry that requires the delicate cycle. Clothes like lightweight exercise shirts made from nylon or spandex can snag when you put them through your wash cycle, so having a Bosch washer and dryer combo to keep your clothes new and snag free will actually save you on clothing replacement costs. The Bosch 60” 2.2 Cu.Ft Front Load Washer has VarioSoft, a unique raindrop stainless steel drum that actually protects your clothes from annoying snags while washing. It also has 6 different temperature settings and 15 wash cycles so you can customize everything you wash.

You might not throw everything into the dryer after washing, but if you do the Bosch 59” 4.1 Cu.Ft. Electric Dyer will make sure everything you dry is taken care of. It prevents snags too with a one-piece drum that creates an air cushion around your clothes and the drum walls. It also has a moisture sensor to prevent over-drying and 15 cycles for every type of clothing and household item you might have to wash.


Small space? Just choose stack

Although they have high capacity and can get you through you wash pile in record time, Bosch laundry pairs are also space efficient. You can choose to put them side-by-side or stack them with the Bosch Stacking Kit. It keeps your washer and dryer vertically aligned, and also has a pull-out tray you can use to fold laundry.

You might not love laundry now, but once you replace your washer and dryer with a Bosch washer and dryer combo, doing laundry might become the highlight of your week.

Check out all of the front load laundry pairs on Best Buy right now, then stock up on soap and get ready to attack those laundry piles.



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