Deerma VC20 MainThe variety of small handheld stick vacuums available on the market today has increased as quickly as their popularity. They are typically lightweight, easy to use and don’t take up much space which are great features in a vacuum. Today I’m taking a look at the Deerma VC20 Handheld Wireless Vacuum to see what it has to offer.

What’s inside the Deerma VC20 Handheld Wireless Vacuum box

Deerma VC20 parts

Upon opening the box for the Deerma VC20 Handheld Wireless Vacuum box you’ll find the main vacuum body, the connecting tube or stick, the 2 in 1 nozzle attachment, the small brush attachment, the charging adaptor, and the motorized floor brush.

There is also a detailed instruction manual as well as the warranty information and info on how to get a free filter.

Notable specifications and information

The Deerma VC20 Handheld Wireless Vacuum is sleek and stylish in both design and colour. The white mixed with the brushed aluminum makes it neutral and modern which is great for anyone who may store the vacuum in an open area for ease of use or lack of available storage space.

I am currently living in a smaller area, some may even say a tiny home, so I would most likely store the vacuum by having it hang on a hook and I love that the Deerma is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It comes in weighing just shy of 4lb. which makes it easy to use and maneuver and packs a powerful punch at 100W. There are two vacuuming modes, standard and high-speed. On the standard mode, you will get up to 35 minutes of vacuuming and up to 15 minutes of vacuuming on the high-speed setting. The dust cup features a cyclone tower as well as a Stainless Steel HEPA filtration system that cycles and cleans the air as you go.

The Deerma is also a wireless vacuum which means it’s rechargeable with an adaptor. It’s so nice to vacuum without dragging around a cord behind you, tripping you up or getting caught on furniture or corners.

Testing the Deerma VC20

Deerma VC20 chargingThe first notable feature or characteristic of the Deerma VC20 is how lightweight and stylish it is. The weight of the vacuum and the placement of the handle feels good in the hand and the location of the power button is perfectly placed meaning it’s easily reachable with your thumb.

While charging for first use I appreciated the light feature to let you know of the current charge levels. There are four blue LED lights that flash during charging. When the first light becomes solid the vacuum is 25% charged, two solid means 50% charged, three solid means 75% charged and of course when all four lights are solid with no flashing, the vacuum is ready for use. Once you’re vacuuming, the solid lights will then turn off as the power diminishes and once the battery is drained the lights will turn red, indicating the need to recharge.

Deerma VC20 dust cupWe have two cats in our home which means the stainless steel HEPA filter is a nice bonus, but we also need the suction power to be strong. I found the standard suction plenty powerful to easily pullout hair from under dressers and the couch.

You can use either of the smaller crevice and dusting brushes with or without the stick attachment. To attach these pieces simply push them into the opening on the stick or vacuum. The suction power is plenty strong enough to pull out any dust or debris from edges, corners and hard to reach places.

Final thoughts on the Deerma VC20

Deerma VC20 manualsLike most handheld stick vacuums, the dust/dirt cup is on the smaller size, but I find I vacuum way more often with a stick style vacuum and the dust/dirt cup size isn’t really an issue. I think the main reason I vacuum more often with this style vacuum is because of how small, lightweight and easy to use they are. Being in a smaller space currently with no extra storage areas, I really appreciated that this vacuum will stand on its own on a flat surface.

The release buttons on the stick piece for detaching the vacuum and powerhead are easy to use and the pieces detach quite easily. For storage purposes, I would leave the stick with power-head attached as it helps balance and keep the vacuum upright making it easy to tuck away in a corner or closet.

One often-used selling feature is how quiet a vacuum is, and while I wouldn’t say the Deerma VC20 is extremely quiet, it’s not overly loud as you will see in my video. Vacuuming is kind of one of those chores that people expect to be a little noisy and the sound from this vacuum wouldn’t deter me from purchasing it.

Both the crevice and dusting attachment do their job well. Paired with the amazing suction this vacuum offers they easily catch all the dust and debris along baseboards, in the edges of the couch and in corners. Using the vacuum in the handheld mode without the stick attachment is also perfect for vacuuming the inside of your car.

The stainless steel HEPA filter ensures the air is being cycled and cleaned as you maneuver throughout the rooms and the filter is washable which makes it reusable and economically a good choice. When emptying the dust/dirt cup I noticed how well the filter works and while it doesn’t require washing with every use, you’ll want to clean off any accumulated dust/dirt every time you empty it. This will prevent blockages and reduced suction and help maintain good airflow during use.

The instruction manual is very easy to read and gives specific instructions regarding how to use the vacuum, the parts of the vacuum, fault analysis and resolutions, how the charging adaptor works, cleaning and maintenance and more. The warranty information gives you the option to purchase extra warranty as well as how to go online to get a bonus free filter.

You can find the Deerma VC20 Handheld Wireless Vacuum at

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