aura one waterproofKobo eReaders are fantastic. I have owned one for many years. I read it at home; I’ve loaded it with books and took it on vacations. In fact for the past few years I took it everywhere with me so whenever I had a few minutes—perhaps waiting for one of my kids to finish piano lessons—I’d be able to read. It’s light, slim enough to fit anywhere and can hold thousands of books.

Now Kobo has made their newest eReader better than ever. If you google the Kobo Aura ONE you’ll see that reviewers on tech sites and news sites agree it is the best: “unlike anything else” says good; and “Cadillac of eReaders” says


What makes this eReader uniquely superior?

  1. AuraONEBig, brilliant screen: 7.8 inch Carta E-ink display delivers a superior print-quality reading experience in bright sunlight. The edge-to-edge design is lightweight and comfortable to hold for hours of reading.
  1. ComfortlightPRO: By reducing blue-light exposure, the front light technology protects your eyes and provides the best nighttime reading without impacting your sleep.
  1. Waterproof: read in the bath, or by the pool on your next Caribbean cruise, and don’t worry if your hands are a little wet, or even if you drop it into the water.
  1. Easily take out library books like no other eReader can. New technology enables you to borrow library books from the comfort of your home!
  1. Store up to 6000 books.


And like every Kobo eReader, finding your favourite books to load onto the device is super easy. On my last vacation I wanted to finally read the Bourne trilogy (I loved the movies) so I loaded all 3 Ludlum novels on my eReader. I went to the Kobo store on my computer using the Kobo app (which you can get from the Kobo store too!), searched for the books, and bought them. I then just had to connect the USB cable from my Kobo to my computer and, when prompted, hit “sync.” The books appeared in my Kobo library for whenever I was ready to start reading. It literally took a couple minutes.

I love how the Kobo store makes it easy to find books you are searching for, or even discover new releases that match your interests. Go there now and you’ll likely find the next great new novel you want to read. I did and found Yann Martel’s new one “The High Mountains of Portugal” (priced at less than $5!). I was initially hooked on Martel’s writing when I read “Life of Pi” but it was his brilliant description of a pear in “Beatrice and Virgil” that turned me into a true fan.

If you win this amazing eReader, the best ever made, what new novel will you read first? Peruse the Kobo store and make your decision. Then enter this contest for your chance to win a Kobo Aura ONE, complete with an Aura ONE SleepCover: open to read, close to sleep—saving your battery along the way.



It is really easy to enter and you will have a maximum of 2 chances to win.  In the comment section below this blog article tell us which feature mentioned above about the Kobo Aura ONE is you favourite.  For example, you might say “I love to read in the tub so I love that the Kobo Aura ONE is waterproof.”

You get a second chance to enter too. In a separate comment below this blog article tell us which new book, this is available at the Kobo store, will you want to read if you win this prize. You can choose any book that appears at the Kobo store for your entry to be valid.

kobo sleep cover


One entry will be randomly selected from all eligible entries on the blog to win this contest. The winner will receive a new Kobo Aura ONE and a Kobo Aura ONE SleepCover.




The contest will run from October 12th until October 20th 2016.

Remember you can only enter here on the blog and you can only enter twice. But everyone knows a reader or two amongst your family and friends and they would probably really appreciate if you told them about this contest so they too had a chance to win.

Good luck.

Kobo AuraOne contest Rules and Regulations

When you finish entering this contest, Best Buy has another contest you can enter right now too: enter to win a fantastic NFL prize package from Microsoft!

Martin Renaud
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  1. I like the ComfortLightPRO feature that protects my eyes so I can read at bedtime without the harsh bright lights that keep my brain awake for hours after I finish reading!

  2. I love the special reading light. Seems it would be much easier on the eyes when reading before going to sleep.

  3. I dropped my kobo glo in the pool (i know the horror) so my favorite feature is that the kobo aura is waterproof (being able to carry a library around with you doesn’t hurt.)
    thank you 😀

  4. I loved my kobo glo but I being a genius was reading next to a pool and dropped it i think you can guess what happened next. This horror story makes my favorite feature of this kobo aura is waterproof. (being able to carry a library around with you doesn’t hurt).
    Thank you 😀

  5. the time I do most of my reading is on the way somewhere, so portability is fantastic. I still have to get to reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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