Music transports us from our regular lives to a new world of possibilities; especially when played through amazing, high quality Polk speakers. It’s not just about being happy either! On rainy days I feel like listening to Supertramp—and have for decades—because it elevates me to a higher plane of existence, one that doesn’t need a label of sad or happy. It’s just better! And so much better when emanating from great speakers like the set you could win if you enter this contest.

When is the right time to invest in quality speakers for your home

You will likely buy many types of speakers over your lifetime. However, you will likely only buy really high quality speakers once or twice; and when you do Polk Audio products may be exactly what you need. After all they deliver (and this is not an exaggeration) phenomenal sound across a huge audio spectrum. However, they are more pricey than the garden variety portable bluetooth speaker, which is why you won’t be buying a set of these as often as you’ll replace those other types of speakers.

When I first moved out from my parents home, as a young adult many years ago, I invested what felt like a small fortune (over $1500 per speaker) for quality tower speakers. I am still listening to them in my home now. Quality speakers deliver the best sound and they should last a very long time. If you win the prize for this contest, two Polk Audio tower speakers worth over two grand each plus a $600 centre channel speaker, you may never have to buy another home audio speaker system again!

What speakers are you most likely to buy in the next year

Best Buy sells many different kinds of speakers—portable speakers, home audio speakers—for different purposes and at a wide range of price points. I have many different types myself. In my garden I have a small Wi-Fi speaker mostly for streaming Spotify. In my kitchen I have a Google home mini for listening to the news or quiet background music while cooking. I’m sure there are other places where I could use another speaker. Think about what your next speaker will be, then read below on how to enter this contest.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. Visit and look at the different types of speakers available, then in a comment below, tell us what speaker would you next want to add to your home.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will draw one winner to receive a pair of Polk Audio LSiM 705 speakers and the LSiM 704c centre channel speaker.

This contest runs from April 3rd to April 20th.

Remember you can only enter once, but think about how many people in your life love to listen to music and share this contest with them so they too have a chance to win.

Win a Polk Audio speaker system Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.

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  1. Polk audio tower soeakers and Bose Soundbar 700 Smart Speaker with Voice Control Built-In look awesome!

  2. Maybe the Bose Soundbar 700 Smart Speaker with Voice Control Built-In for my home comfort zone? please and thanks

  3. The Bose Soundbar 700 Smart Speaker with Voice Control Built-In looks so cool- the voice control function is a huge bonus. Huge music nerd so this would be perfect!:)

  4. Love the idea of the Kanto YU5 80-Watt Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker – super sleek, not too obtrusive and plus bluetooth as well. Twitter: @RomComFanatic

  5. Ever getting my first Sonos speaker I’d love to build out a full surround sound experience by adding another One and soundbar.

  6. I would love the Polk Audio RT1A9 500 Watt speakers to play some serious music on my old Marantz. Crazy story if you can believe it, someone working at the house stole my original speakers and left the stereo. I picked up a small used set but the quality of excellent speakers will make this stereo come to life like a concert hall.

  7. I’d like the Sonos One (2nd Gen) – Voice Controlled Smart Speaker w/ Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant – White in my home!

  8. So many to choose from but without actually hearing them in person I would have to base my choice on customer reviews. After reading the Polk Audio LSIM 705 reviews I believe they would be my overall choice.

  9. Wow! Thanks for the chance to win. My choice: Focal Aria948 3-Way Bass Reflex Floor Standing Speaker – Walnut (pair)

  10. I’d like to be able to take my music to go and sit outside and hear it. The Polk Audio Atrium 4 80-Watt All-Weather Outdoor Speakers seem to do a great job at that, and have power to boot.

  11. These speakers would be a nice addition to the home: Focal Aria948 3-Way Bass Reflex Floor Standing Speaker – Walnut (pair)

  12. HomePod would be an awesome speaker. Tested it out at Best Buy last year and have wanted one ever since. Amazing sound quality!

  13. I would be interested in the polk-audio-magnifi-max-340-watt-sound-bar-with-wireless-subwoofer/11535810 as it seems to fit what I’d be looking for with quality and sound.

  14. I listen to music a lot in the summer on the deck, so the Polk Audio Atrium 4 All-Weather speakers are great

  15. I would love to add Bose SoundLink Colour II Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – Blue – Awesome contest (and btw I also love Supertramp, Crime of the Century, one of my favorite records many years ago)!

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