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Polaroid Go Everything BoxCapture instant pictures, take vintage-looking selfies, and expand your creative boundaries with a Polaroid Go Instant camera. Autumn has just begun, and the trees are changing colours, would you not love to snap this palette of warm reds, oranges, and browns and create a mind-blowing, visual experience to share with your friends and family? This Polaroid camera is great for snap photos decisions. Also make a decision to enter this contest for a chance to win one.

Great quality instant pictures for creatives on-the-go

Polaroid Go Instant cameraPolaroid has come a long away to adapt to the needs of photographers and photo enthusiasts. Nowadays, photography has become a very popular hobby. Everyone can take a picture, this is why portability for a camera is an important feature. The Polaroid Go Instant camera allows you to take pictures in a snap and print them instantly. For a creative person like me, it is a game changer.

One feature I love about this camera is its size. I can put it in my small backpack. It also comes with a neck strap, so if you just want to take it with you at a party or on a hiking trip, it is very convenient and light to carry. I also love its ability to take double exposure. Imagine taking two pictures in one by superimposing one shot over another. The photos that come out from this camera have a glossy, and retro vintage look, and they are small enough to fit in any pockets.

Polaroid Go Instant camera captures life in its most precious moments

We sent out one of those Polaroid Go instant camera to Rae Chen to review and provide her feedback. Read her review article here to learn more about the different features, and see the images she was able to capture.

Nowadays, it is all about images. Pictures surround us. They are like memories. We live our daily lives and make memories constantly. Pictures also capture emotions in ways language sometimes can’t. For example, when I look at pictures of me and my dad, it brings back many lovely childhood memories. As Destin Sparks once said, “Photography is the art of making memories tangible.” The Polaroid Go Instant camera gives you the benefit of capturing and printing life’s moments at once, anywhere you are.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment, tell us which feature you love the most about this Polaroid instant camera, and the reason(s) why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select two winners from all eligible entries. Both will receive one Polaroid Go instant camera everything box.

This contest runs from October 5th to October 19th.

Remember you can enter once by commenting below this article. However, share this contest with someone who would love to win a Polaroid Go instant camera Everything Box to take instant pictures, and make great memories.

Win a Polaroid Go Instant Camera Everything Box Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck!

Caroline Declercq
I am an Editor on the blog team at Best Buy Canada. I enjoy travelling, writing, and learning foreign languages. On my days off, you can find me taking a stroll around Stanley Park or enjoying one of the many great coffee shops on Main Street in Vancouver.


  1. I like Polaroid cameras because rather than snapping 500 pictures, they force you to stop and be in the moment a little bit more, and try for that one perfect picture instead.

  2. The Instant Print of great quality is by far the best feature of this Polaroid. Share with family and friends Instantly!

  3. Seems like such a throw back but even better – the compact design and lightweight features make this a great option!

  4. I love the Instant Print, becuse it would be handy, and because there’s an element of nostalgia in it for me. Thank you for the contest, and the chance.

  5. The instant photo and size of the camera. Polaroid has come a long way from when my Poppa had one of their first instant cameras! Love it

  6. Having the picture printed in real times brings me back to the past….when everything was more simple and joyful and less stressful. It reminds me of when I would use my fathers Polaroid camera with my sister, her and I would get such satisfaction and enjoyment of using the camera for our creative purposes and really utilizing the creative part of our brain!

  7. I love the fact that it is small and I can take it with me when out for a bike ride and capture a beautiful scenery photo.

  8. My grandkids would love this – they can share pics of their friends right away – for them, this is a new thing. Us oldies know better! 🙂

  9. I love that you get the pictures right away! When I use my cell or camera my pictures tend to stay there until they pile up! Plus it’s do convenient no running around trying to get pictures developed.

  10. I hike a lot and this camera is so convenient to take along with me, instant pics are awesome. And I scrapbook so win win!

  11. Very cool, didn’t even realize they still made these. It’s the retro styling that gets me. The added bonus of instant printed photos I can give to friends and families right after a picture is taken.

  12. Love that I can stow it in my purse or backpack take it on the go! As a mom of 4, being able to capture candid moments is essential!

  13. I love watching the picture slowly appear like magic, I got a Polaroid instant camera when I was a kid back in the 60’s and I thought it was wonderful then I can imagine how much better it is now!

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