patio decorating and design tipsPatio season! Just saying those two words makes me feel happy after such a long winter, and while I know I have a few weeks to wait before it really warms up, I cannot wait to dig out my fire pit, patio umbrella, and hammock.

This is my third patio season on my property, and every year I come up with new ideas to take advantage of all of the outdoor living space. If you’re just starting to plan for patio season too and you need a few ideas, I’m happy to share my top 5 patio decorating and design tips and tricks.

Start with your patio design

design a patioSome people have a small patio, where they have a cozy 10 x 10 space to decorate. If you’ve got a big backyard like I do, you’ve got a lot more area to cover as far as your patio design is concerned.

Big or small, the first thing you should do when designing a patio is designate your areas: one for seating with a group, another for sitting solo, a spot for your patio heaters, and select an area where you’ll add patio décor like a fire pit.

Create a patio where friends want to gather

patio decorating with patio setsI love sitting outside at night listening to the frogs, and in the spring and summer we like to invite friends over to hang out and listen too. That’s why the first thing I do is set up a space with enough room for the family and friends.

Patio sets give you seating to spare, and I love how the latest patio sets have transitioned away from just chairs and a table to cozy couches and pretty outdoor coffee tables. These sets make patio decorating really easy, and my choice for the perfect patio set this year would be the Oakland Contemporary patio set. It has seating to spare, and is as comfortable as a couch.

Include a quiet corner in your patio design

patio decorating hammockI like to read outside in the spring, and sometimes I’ll even sneak in a nap while enjoying the fresh air. That’s why, when I’m coming up with patio design ideas, I always include a reading corner complete with a hammock and an outdoor storage container to hold books, blankets, and pillows.

My pro patio design tip for hammocks is to bring home one that offers shade too. A hammock like the Outsunny Wood Arc Stand with Hammock is made for two people, is made from white polyester cloth, and has a gorgeous canopy that blocks the sun when you’re reading or sleeping.


Patio heaters warm up chilly spring nights

outdoor fireplaceIf you’ve been looking at patio decorating images on Pinterest or Instagram and you’ve liked a picture of someone’s patio design because they’ve included an outdoor fireplace, maybe it’s time you got one of your own.

Adding heat to your patio lets you enjoy it even longer than just the months that have warm summer nights. Depending on the size of your space, you can add an electric fireplace or natural gas or propane patio heater.


Heating up? Patio umbrellas block the sun

patio umbrellasAfter all of the snow and rain we’ve had this year, it’s hard to imagine that it will ever warm up enough that we’d want to block out the glorious sunshine. But that moment will come, and when it does you’ll be glad you invested in a large patio umbrella.

A patio umbrella is a must-have when you have a full patio set or just a few patio chairs. You can find patio umbrellas that stand on their own or choose one that fits into your patio table. I love the large 11 ft  Corsliving turquoise patio umbrella. I’d pop it by my patio chairs and enjoy the cool in the summer.


Bonus tips: incorporate extras into your patio decorating

hammock swingJust like when you’re decorating the house, it’s the little things that help with your patio decorating. I like to add unique patio cushions to my patio, changing them up every year so that I always feel as though my set is new. Or, maybe this is the year you add a new patio table or hammock swing to your patio. Kids love hammock swings, and mine would read a book and swing for hours.

This could also be the year you finally set up the outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming about for years. There’s a lot of different pieces you can add to an outdoor kitchen, from a bartender station to premium outdoor burner, so you can build your own completely custom kitchen.

sony bluetooth speakerAnd don’t forget about adding music and lighting to your patio. I love to bring out the Bluetooth speakers to listen to music when friends are over. Because they are water proof I don’t have to worry about them getting rained on.

Although I find the fire pit to be cozy, it’s also nice to add a few lights here and there. Last year was the first year I tried smart lights outside, so I can change the colour of my bulbs, brighten things up or dim them down, and even add lights in the trees if I want to.

I can’t wait to show winter the door, and right now is the perfect time to start patio decorating. You can begin by pulling out all of your patio furniture, checking to see what you’d like to replace and what you’d like to keep, and come up with a real game plan as to how your patio will look and feel.

If you need a bit of extra help designing your patio, there are also apps you can use for patio layout and design. Take a look at apps like Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden on your tablet or smartphone for inspiration, or just open up Pinterest and see what draws you in.

Enjoy the spring and summer with the perfect patio. You can find all of your outdoor living and patio needs by taking a look everything online at Best Buy right now.



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