Ultimate Gamer Dad Challenge

At Best Buy Canada, we have great gift ideas for every type of dad for Father’s Day—whether he likes the latest tech, fitness, or entertainment. If your dad is an avid gamer, this year we have the perfect surprise for you to show your dad how much you appreciate his love and support. Best Buy is thrilled to kick off the Ultimate Gamer Dad Challenge for Father’s Day to recognize all the fathers and father figures in your life. Every dad deserves to be celebrated on Father’s Day so tell your kids, partners, friends and family to nominate their gamer dad for a chance to win a PS5, a PSVR2, and the immersive gaming experience of a lifetime with the latest and greatest tech at the Ultimate Gaming Suite at the Soho Hotel.

Show your love with the Ultimate Gamer Dad Challenge 

Dads are there for you every step of the way, supporting you and cheering you on. This Father’s Day, shine a spotlight on your remarkable dad or the father figure in your life and recognize him on his special day. Show your appreciation by entering him into our Ultimate Gamer Dad Challenge!

From May 15th to June 3rd, nominate a special dad in your life on social media. Once the nomination period is over, we will select five nominations at random from all the entries that meet the requirements. The five final dads will be invited to compete simultaneously at their local Best Buy store using the amazing PlayStation 5 and PSVR2 for the ultimate battle. The winner of the competition will get a unique weekend stay at the Ultimate Gamer Suite at the Soho Hotel in Toronto, where dad and a plus one will be able to enjoy an exciting, immersive gaming experience with the latest tech.

Nominate your dad now for Father’s Day

Nominating your dad or the father figure in your life for the ultimate Father’s Day gaming prize package is easy. From May 15th to June 3rd, simply create a video telling us why you think your dad should compete in the Ultimate Gamer Dad Challenge, and upload it to either Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. Tag us @bestbuycanada and use #BestBuyFathersDay so we can find your post. Make sure your account is public so your post is visible!

Win an incredible weekend stay at the Ultimate Gaming Suite  

Best Buy has partnered with The SoHo in downtown Toronto to create an incredible, one-of-a-kind immersive gaming experience every gamer would dream of for the winner of the competition. The ultimate gaming dad will receive a PS5, a PSVR2, and get an all-expense paid weekend stay at the Ultimate Gaming Suite, in a room filled with the latest and greatest tech. The trip is also on us. If the winner lives more than 150 km away from the SoHo, we will fly them and a guest out to Toronto and provide transport from the airport to the hotel. If the winner lives within 150 km, they will receive 150$ to cover driving expenses.

PS5The winning dad will get to play the most recent games on state-of-the-art gaming tech—the incredible PS5 and PSVR2. When it’s time for a well-deserved break between gaming sessions, dad will be able to create premium coffee using the latest appliances, and enjoy a relaxing evening to unwind after intense gaming sessions with percussion massagers from Hyperice.


Your dad or the father figure in your life deserves to be celebrated on Father’s Day. Make his day with a special gift he’s sure to love.

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    • Hi Mark, you should nominate your dad. It only takes a couple minutes. I think the easiest way is to use your phone and record a short video nominating your dad, then upload it to Instagram. If you don’t have an account, create one for the nomination … then when the contest is done you simply delete it if you don’t want an account anymore.

  1. As the mom and dad of my daughter, I would like to win this to give to my daughter who lost her dad two years ago

    • Hi Colleen, sorry about your loss. I was the dad and mom to my two kids after my wife passed away. The article does say dad or father figure! Tell your daughter to create a video nominating you. The article describes how this contest works.
      Good Luck

  2. I would love to nominate my husband as this is his first Father’s Day. He’s sacrificed a lot since the birth of our daughter and is working hard so I would love this gift for him.

    • Hi Cindy, I explained in a comment above the easiest way to participate by creating a video on Instagram. I have created some Tiktok videos but feel Instagram is much easier.

      Good luck

  3. my children and i used to game together over everything from atari toNintendo to Supernintendo to playstations and xboxes of every generation. and live action computer gaming. we have enjoyed a lot of games over the years like mappy land, zombies ate my neighbors, ( which i defeated!!!) dessert falcon, space invaders, pacman, sam fisher, also known undercover as fam shisher, gta, donky kong mario brother duck hunt and so many fun hours spent gaing together. it was fun to get together after a live match in a game of frontline force a hlaflife mod like counterstrike sort of. to talk about it all on chat channles like i.r.c. also known as m.i.r.c.
    Gaming platforms can cost as much as a vechile if you really wanted to make a powerful gaming computer.

    The Playstaion was powerful when it first came out and i remember trying to win a PS 2 in a contest i entered every day for 60 days but i won second prize which was a ‘Dreamcast” remember those! yea i won that instead of the covedeted PS2. so having so many great gaming memories with my children is such good ones . especially the day i defeated Zombies ate my neighbors and i was overjoyed . when my children saw that i bet the game finally we all cheered screamed yelled lol celebrated and some of my children got on the phone with their bests friends to say we beat the game finally. great memories to cherish and gaming is always a greatway to stay in touch too becuase you can all live game and live chat in game with your loved ones when you are apart. its a great time gamers have a really good time and its been so fun to share in these game systems with my growing family back when it all started up to today. happy fathers day to all the cool dads.

    • Hi Mike
      I hope you submitted a video to nominate him. The article explains the requirements for this contest. Each contest we do is a little different; this one requires a nomination video on Instagram or Tiktok or Facebook.

      good luck

  4. June 16th is our wedding anniversary…it would be an added bonus to win and celebrate in Toronto!

  5. My neighbour’s father past away recently, I would love this for him, just see the little guy smile again.

  6. This would be an amazing gift since my dad has always been their for me, and we could play together, best wishes

  7. A family that plays together stays together! I’m into video game-playing and I am Father and Grandfather too! I don’t have any trouble finding opponents to play in my family! We all seem to be interested in Video Gaming, so on-line video game competition is fierce in my family! Good luck to all the Fathers and Grandfathers!

  8. This would be an amazing gift since my dad has always been their for me, and we could play together, best wishes

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