Breville empowers people by delivering brilliant innovations and thoughtfully designed kitchen products. I am constantly surprised by the sheer variety of smart kitchen appliances available today. From toasters, blenders, kettles, juicers, and coffee makers, these small appliances have made a permanent place in our kitchens. We recently had several Breville appliances reviewed on the blog. Now we are giving you a chance to win some of those samples in our Breville small appliances contest.

Breville brings a superior look and ultimate functionality to your kitchen

Make your stay-at-home time more enjoyable with innovative appliances in your kitchen. Whether you are a coffee addict, a smoothie lover, or a breakfast freak, these Breville appliances are sure to inspire you and empower your potential to do things more impressively than you thought possible in your kitchen.

Bluice it with Breville Bluicer

Add freshness, flavors, and fun to your life! With Breville Bluicers, you can blend, juice, or combine both (blend and juice). Make healthy and flavorful smoothies, slushies, fresh cocktails, frappes, and more by combining juiced and blended fresh ingredients into your creations. We sent out Breville Bluicer 3X and Breville Bluicer 3X pro to our blogger Shelly to test them out. Check out her review article where she demonstrates how these versatile bluicers are a perfect combination of a juicer and a blender.

Brew it with Breville Barista Pro

Having a super automatic espresso machine at home is a luxury we all dream of. While it’s far from an essential kitchen appliance, if you’re addicted to espresso drinks, it sure is nice to be equipped with the Breville Barista pro to make a cappuccino, latte, or velvety smooth shot at home. The best place to see how this espresso machine can help you make a perfect coffee shot is by reading Shelly’s review article on the blog.

Brown it with Breville Toaster

The Breville Luxe collection 2 slice toasters are worth every cent if you’re looking for a champion toaster that will turn out evenly golden-brown slices of bread batch after batch. The grates lower your toast automatically with a push of a button—no lever-pressing.

Boil it with Breville Kettle

Electric or stove-top, kettles are one of the most popular small appliances you will see in any kitchen. From making hot beverages, adding water to meals, cooking rice, and boiling an egg, there are endless uses of a kettle! Breville programmable kettle is a smart kitchen appliance that gives you the perfect temperature to bring out the flavor of your coffees, teas, and other hot beverages.

From our test kitchens to yours

Every well-equipped kitchen needs quality appliances, gadgets, and tools. Does your kitchen need a new bluicer, espresso machine, toaster, or kettle? You can find some great prizes here. Check them out and enter the Breville small appliances contest now.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter only once below this article. Look over the Breville appliance selection at Best Buy, then, in a comment below, tell us which Breville kitchen appliance is your favourite and why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select four (4) winners from all eligible entries. Each winner will receive one of these prize packages:

Prize 1: Breville Bluicer 3X, Breville Barista Pro
Prize 2: Breville Bluicer 3X, Breville Barista Pro
Prize 3: Breville Bluicer 3X Pro, Breville Toaster, Breville Kettle
Prize 4: Breville Bluicer 3X Pro, Breville Toaster, Breville Kettle

This contest runs from Nov 20th until Dec 4th.

Remember that you can only enter once in a comment below this article. But I’m sure you will want to share it with friends and family: make a deal with them to split the prize if either of your wins! They would love an opportunity to add Breville to their kitchen!

Win Breville Appliances Rules and Regulations

Good Luck!

Bhupinder Kaur
Bhupinder is a senior editor and a collaborative team player at Best Buy Canada. She is passionate about creating consistent digital experiences with her writing, editing, analytics, and project management skills. Other than that, she loves to cook authentic Indian recipes for friends and family.


  1. I would love the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine (BES870XL) – Stainless Steel. We love Espresso in our household!

  2. I would love to win the Breville Baristas Pro. My friend have been complaining that my instant coffee is instantly detestable lol. It would be nice to buy fresh beans and use the grinder on the Breville Barista and make an amazing cup of java.

  3. Breville Luxe Collection Toaster – 2-Slice – Black Truffle

    I want a toaster that can toast different sized breads and is easy to clean.

  4. The Breville Barista Pro would brew up some delicious coffees for family and friends! It looks like a beautiful machine too!

  5. i like the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine! i would enjoy making espresso in the mornings with it

  6. I would love the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven 1 Cu. Ft. It would help me to modify my diet but still enjoy the foods I enjoy in a healthier way.

  7. The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven is my favourite because of its sleek, compact design and its versatility.

  8. I drink my coffee black and boring. Need a Barista! Dropped my kettle last week. It’s on it’s last legs.

  9. It would be the Breville Barista Pro for me. Since life has flipped upside down, I’ve found myself working from home and I’m missing grabbing a coffee from my favourite local shop with colleagues mid-day.

  10. I do not have a toaster as the one I had for several years finally quit and I am toasting my toast on the oven top burner as I cannot afford a new toaster so hope I win a Breville Toaster ! That would be wonderful! Thank you! THe best Christmas present for mommy and my 6 kids! THank you! Kathy

  11. Why don’t I have a Breville BBM800XL Bread Maker in my life?!?! I could be waking up to the aroma of warm, freshly baked bread every single morning! It even features 13 automatic settings, 3 crust colours, and 4 loaf sizes! My very own little, personal bakery is just a Breville away!

  12. The Smart Oven Pro is amazing! I love how many different functions it has. It would take the place of a bunch of different small appliances.

  13. I have been wanting a machine like the Breville Barista Pro Automatic Espresso Machine with Frother & Coffee Grinder forever, but I would have never expected something this high-end. I would love it for the combination with coffee grinder, because I’m worried i would get the wrong grinder to match lol plus it’s beautiful!

  14. I specifically like the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Convection Toaster. It’s small footprint packs a punch with all of it’s multitasking features. It Roasts, toasts, frys, poufs, dehydrates and bakes. There are times, especially with a busy family, where turning on a large oven for a quick and small meal doesn’t make sense. With this little gadget, you can do more with less. Unless you spend thousands of dollars, no standard oven can do what this smart oven can do.

  15. I love the Breville 3X Bluicer Pro 1.5L 1100-Watt Stand Blender and Juicer – Brushed Stainless Steel. The 1,100-watt motor is sure to pulverize the toughest fruits and veggies!

  16. love the espresso maker—–always love the taste of the coffee from them—just never bought one because of the cost!

  17. Love the Breville Barista Pro, have been drinking packaged coffee for the pass year for university and making real coffee will be amazing.

  18. I would love the Breville Barista Pro! I just moved into my first home and am dying for some good espresso.


  19. The Breville Barista Pro would be life changing… right now we make coffee out of jar disolvable coffee.. embarrassing!! Waking up to warm espresso this winter would be amazing. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  20. I would love the Breiville Barista Pro because i drink alot of coffee and i would like a bit of a change.

  21. My favorite Breville product is the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven because it can air fry foods.

  22. The Breville juicer 3x would be my favourite because our son came to us wanting to eat more broccoli, but in juice instead of cooked!

  23. My favourite Breville appliance would be the Breville Countertop 3-in-1 Convection Microwave w/ Air Fryer. Combines 3 great appliances to take up less counter space.

  24. My favourite is the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor – 16-Cup – 1200-Watt as I love processing food!

  25. My favorite Breville kitchen appliance is the Breville Barista Pro because of how unique the mechanism is. It’s perfect for an all around coffee addict/connoisseur. The Breville Barista Pro has many features that I would personally use such as the milk frother as I love milk in my lattes! It’s ability to manually adjust the amount of coffee grind you want to use and its overall ease of use all within a few footsteps from my room! Lastly, it looks stunning, having an essential item like this in my kitchen will allow me to not only experience the TRUE taste of coffee/espresso but also the ability to share this experience with others (Obviously Post-Covid).

  26. I’d be most excited for the espresso machine. Heard great things about the brand and love good espresso 🙂

  27. Really excited about the breville barista bar. I love coffee. Would like to steam my milk versus pouring cold milk in. It beats instant which is what i drink now

  28. As a coffee lover this will help me improve my coffee. As a student, coffee is my study buddy and having this can help me a lot.

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