With IK multimedia accessories, it becomes easier to create an enjoyable and engaging video podcast. If you are ready to share your creative ideas, but your recording setup isn’t up for the task, this contest is your chance to upgrade your rig with top-notch video production gear. By entering this contest, you can win one of the three IKM video podcasting bundles, including a microphone, multi-function stand, audio interface, ring light, and more. Read on to learn more about the prize bundles and how to enter.

Look and sound like a pro with IKM iRig Video Creator Bundles

IKM’s iRig Video Creator Bundle enables you to create high-quality, attention-grabbing videos or stream live on any platform with your smartphone. It includes the iGrip Pro multi-function tripod stand (which can also be used as a handgrip) and iRig Lav mic to produce amazing videos with perfect sound. The bundle also comes with the 6″ ring light that enhances the brightness and vitality of your footage. You can level up your podcasting setup and vlog for hours.

iRig Video Creator HD Bundle allows you to record video from anywhere, with just your smartphone. The bundle includes an iKlip Grip Pro which can transform into a desktop tripod, handgrip, full-sized tripod, and a selfie stick with its Bluetooth shutter. It also comes with an iRig Mic HD 2 digital condenser microphone that captures great audio and a 10-inch ring light to ensure you stay in the light throughout your podcast.

Both the bundles work out of the box with an app that captures audio and video, and function perfectly with USB support as well as via battery pack.

Record stable videos with impeccable sound

IK Multimedia offers great tools for content creation with your smartphone. We sent out the iRig Video Creator Bundle and iRig Video Creator Bundle HD to our blogger Nikolai to test and share an honest review. Read his IK Multimedia iRig content creation gear review article and here’s a short video of him using these tools and checking out the quality of the results.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve consistently been amazed by the variety of creative approaches employed by people in making informative and entertaining videos. Whether you’re a professional content creator or an enthusiastic hobbyist, the online selection of cameras & camcorder accessories at Best Buy has you covered. And if you are ready to take your podcasting to the next level, here’s your chance to win a great recording setup from IK Multimedia and Best Buy.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, but you can only enter once below this article. In a comment, tell us which IK Multimedia product you want to add to your podcasting setup the most and why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select three (3) winners from all eligible entries to win either the iRig HD Video Creator Bundle or the iRig Video Creator Bundle or the iRig Mic Lav and iRig PRE XLR Microphone Interface from Best Buy.

This contest runs from Jan 21st until Feb 4th.

Remember, you can only enter once in a comment below this article. However, like me, I bet you have family members and friends who would love the chance to win these amazing video podcasting accessories. So, share this contest!

Win the IKM Video Podcasting Bundle Rules and Regulations

Good Luck!

Bhupinder is a senior editor and a collaborative team player at Best Buy Canada. She is passionate about creating consistent digital experiences with her writing, editing, analytics, and project management skills. In her spare time, she loves to cook authentic Indian recipes for friends and family.


  1. The IK Multimedia iRig HD Video Creator Bundle would help improve sound quality on videos. Also, the lightning at my place is awful so the 10” ring would be much appreciated!

  2. I enjoy making mini-movies with my family. The kids also like to make their social media dance, art, music posts and I am sure would like a IK Multimedia iKlip Grip Pro Smartphone/Camera Stand for better angles. I seem them balancing their phones using odd objects. I also know that their angles and lighting are poor due to the limits of not having a proper phone stand. Thanks.

  3. I would like the iKlip Grip Pro because of its multiple transformation uses.
    It is in both video bundles, so thanks for the great chance at getting one!

  4. I would want to add your IKM bundle to my podcasting setup as I am into creativity.
    The multi-function tripod stand that can also be used as a handgrip would be ideal in moving around my large outdoor space and iRig Lav mic to produce perfect real-life sound.

  5. I want to add IKM’s iRig Video Creator Bundle to my podcasting setup the most – I need a light ring & a good mic!

  6. I want the iKlip Grip Pro because it’s so versatile, able to act as a desktop tripod, handgrip, full-sized tripod, and a selfie stick with its Bluetooth shutter

  7. I want to start twitch streaming, so I think the K Multimedia iRig HD Video Creator Bundle would be perfect for me.

  8. I really and truly like the IK Multimedia iRig HD Video Creator Bundle!

    I don’t have anything at all like any of the items in this bundle, so having the iRig HD Video Creator Bundle would be like a dream come true! It would make it possible for me to create professional level podcasts, eye-catching videos for YouTube, amazing Vlogs, and valued family recordings!

    The included iKlip Grip Pro multi-function stand, the 10 inch diameter ring light to brighten poor lighting conditions, and the iRig Mic HD2 digital handheld style microphone with mic clip for mounting and small tripod, all combine to create very stable, high quality video and crisp audio for recorded content!

    I never imagined that a HD video creation bundle like this would ever become a contest prize. If I should win, I would treasure it forever!

  9. New to the office, and think the IKM’s iRig Video Creator Bundle would be great for good quality hands-free talking for this tall guy!

  10. I woud LOVE to add the iRig Mic Lav and iRig PRE XLR Microphone Interface to my podcasting setup because I am about to work on a big podcasting project ! 🙂

  11. I want the bundle because my son wants to start doing something like you tube or blog and I am a single father and work along with money is something that is hard to find . My son also is on the autism spectrum and has a hard time getting friends and dreams of starting a channel of some sort thanks

  12. Honestly I would really like the iRig Pads MIDI Groove Pad Controller! It would just be a lot of fun to play with.

  13. Trying to use flashlights and regular lamps to light up my videos and photos I know that a 10″ ring light will capture picture footage. And sound is incredibly important so the iRig Mic HD 2 Digital Condenser Microphone is a perfect addition to creating voice, conversation sequences. Wow, great products at Best Buy!

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