August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Today at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, NV, August unveiled its latest new smart home innovation—the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. This new lock, which is essentially a 45% smaller (as well as 20% slimmer) version of their existing Smart Lock Pro, is Apple HomeKit compatible and does not require a hub (the August Connect) to operate, thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. If you’re a fan of August locks, smart home convenience, or are just concerned about home security, keep on reading for full details.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock isn’t so much a giant leap forward in innovation as it is the refinement of an already great product. Boasting “August’s signature advanced functionality and security in a sleek product the size of a standard doorknob,” this new lock is meant to less conspicuously fit in with your home’s decor without sticking out like a sore thumb.

But even though it shares much in common with its predecessor (the August Smart Lock Pro), its built-in Wi-Fi functionality negates the necessity of pairing it with a separate August Connect device. Though the Pro + Connect do come together in the same box, their combination into a single unit is certainly a welcomed improvement!

As a fourth generation August lock, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock does all of the other convenient things we’ve come to expect in a standard smart lock, like giving you access to (and control over) your lock from anywhere in the world (that you can pick up an Internet signal) via your smart phone and the highly rated August App.

For instance, it still offers features like August’s DoorSense Technology, which allows it to automatically lock itself whenever you leave the house (for enhanced peace of mind). And of course, it offers voice control as well through smart assistants like Siri (via Apple HomeKit) and other popular smart assistants (i.e., the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa).

As is always the case with August smart locks, this new version will also be super easy to install, and you should have no difficulty quickly doing it yourself without the need for any professional help and with no special tools beyond a typical screwdriver. This ease of installation makes the August Wi-Fi Lock all the more convenient.

As of right now, we do not yet have a final price for this new August lock—or even an exact arrival date, though we do have a rough idea of when it should be coming. It is expected to land sometime this spring, and it will be available at Best Buy Canada in both of its colour variants (matte black and silver) upon release.

If you’ve been considering adding a smart lock to your home but have not yet taken the plunge, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock’s combination of a slimmer and less obtrusive look along with its new found ability to stand on its own without the help of a separate August Connect device should make this lock a highly attractive option.

Stay tuned to the Best Buy Canada Blog for more Smart Home announcements from this year’s CES!


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