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Audio is a major aspect in gaming. A good headset can play a significant role in your enjoyment of games. Recently Logitech released its newest gaming headset, the Logitech G733. The Logitech G733 is a wireless gaming headset that comes in four colours: black, white, blue, and purple. It is compatible with PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4. It also has a wireless range up to 20 metres. Today I will be reviewing this headset. I will discuss its audio quality, microphone, build, battery life, and software customization.

For the purposes of this review, all testing of the Logitech G733 is done on a desktop PC.

Great sound for all your audio needs

The Logitech G733 delivers excellent sound quality. While gaming there is a clear difference in audio when using the G733s in stereo vs. DTS Headphone X 2.0. When I enable the surround sound mode there is a noticeable improvement in sound separation and positional audio. In my tests with Call of Duty Warzone and Apex Legends I am clearly able to identify the location of enemy fire and footsteps. PlayStation gamers should note that DTS Headphone X 2.0 is currently only available on PC and Mac.

Outside of gaming, movies and music sounded great on the G733’s. DTS Headphone X 2.0 is compatible with movies that have 5.1 and 7.1 audio. For example, during action scenes the entire movie experience changes when you can clearly hear bullets whizzing past you while airplanes are flying overhead. While listening to music, both stereo and DTS Headphone X 2.0 provide pleasing audio. Personally, I feel that enabling DTS headphone X 2.0 even on music provides improvements to the listening experience.

Overall, the G733 sounds great in games, movies, and music. Voices are clear and crisp and the bass is punchy without being overwhelming.

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Microphone quality and physical controls

While most gaming headsets have a retractable microphone, the Logitech G733’s microphone is removable. Some may not like this, but I like the option of being able to remove the microphone. If I’m listening to music or watching movies, I don’t need the microphone. Removing the microphone frees me up to eat and drink. For others such as podcasters or streamers, the ability to remove a microphone can come in handy if they want to use a dedicated condenser microphone. 

The G733’s microphone quality is on par with other gaming microphones. In calls, the audio is clear and understandable, and in games, my teammates have no issues hearing me. Fine tuning of the microphone can be done using Logitech’s G Hub. I will discuss the features more below.

On the back of the left earcup you will find three physical controls. At first glance it looks like there are no distinctive markings to indicate what each button does. However, if you look very closely you will see small markings on the buttons. The top button will mute the microphone. While the microphone is muted the LEDs on the headset will turn red. In the middle is the volume wheel, the wheel is easy to move and has tactical feedback that lets you know when the volume is increasing or decreasing. Lastly, on the bottom of the earpiece you will find the on/off button.

Logitech G733 LEDs and microphone

Build and comfort for long gaming sessions

Comfort is paramount to gaming headphones especially for long sessions. The Logitech G733 has an entirely plastic frame, an elastic headband, and fabric lined earpiece. Despite the plastic build the G733 feels sturdy and able to withstand prolonged use. The plastic frame is flexible and allows the headset to accommodate different head sizes. The added benefit of an all plastic frame is the weight. At 278 grams the G733s are incredibly light! At times I forgot that I was even wearing the headset while walking around my house.

The earpieces are comfortable and are made up of a soft foam lined with breathable fabric. During long sessions my ears remained cool. Although the design is closed back sound isolation is moderate.While wearing the G733s I am still able to hear noises around me such as the fans from my computer and the clicking of my mechanical keyboard. Some users may be disappointed to know that the earpieces are fixed and do not rotate.

The elastic headband was very comfortable and evenly distributed the weight of the headphones. Given the flexible frame, the G733 is a snug fit without feeling like it is squeezing your head. Overall, the G733 is incredibly comfortable to wear. I would go as far as to say they’re the most comfortable gaming headphones that I’ve worn so far. 

Impressive battery life

Battery life of the Logitech G733 is impressive. Logitech markets the battery life as 29 hours with the LEDs off, and 20 hours with the LEDs on. I’m happy to say that real world usage is in line with the advertised battery life. The headset does not have wireless charging, instead it is charged through a USB-C port. If you are charging from your computer it will take an average of 4 hours to go from 0% to 100%. I find the long battery life to be convenient as I didn’t have to worry about the battery dying during extended gaming sessions. If the G733 is in need of charging you will be notified in two ways: the LEDs will turn red, and you will receive an audio notification.

Install Logitech G Hub software for more features

While Logitech’s G Hub software is optional, installing it will allow you to unleash the full functionality and customizability of the G733. The G Hub software is responsible for a whole host of customizations including audio profiles, LEDs, and Blue Vo!ce.

G Hub comes pre-loaded with audio profiles for music, movies and games. You also have the option to create customized sound profiles for each individual game. Conveniently, G Hub will automatically switch audio profiles once the game starts up. I like this feature because it means that I don’t have to play around with audio settings when I move from one game to another. 

Out of the box the LEDs are enabled at maximum brightness. Aside from adjusting the colour and brightness of the LEDs, G Hub offers additional features. The Screen Sampler option allows you to sync the LED colours with what’s happening on your monitor. While the Audio Visualizer feature will sync the LEDs to the music playing. I had fun with the light effects on the G733. The positioning of the LEDs means that you will not get a full view of the LEDs in action. Rather you will see the light reflecting on the space in front of you. I imagine that the LED location would also benefit live stream audiences or anyone else sharing the same gaming space as you.

full body image of Logitech G733

Final thoughts on the Logitech G733 wireless gaming headset

The Logitech G733 is a fantastic gaming headset with one big caveat. For gamers on PlayStation the G733 will have limited functionality. This is because Logitech’s G Hub software is currently only available on PC and Mac. PlayStation users will not have access to the G Hub features such as DTS Headphone X 2.0 or the preset audio profiles.

That being said, the G733 is a great all round headset boasting an amazing battery life. It’s clear that Logitech designed the G733 with comfort and long gaming sessions in mind. If you’re in the market for a new gaming headset the Logitech G733 is definitely worth considering.

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