‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and there are so many small appliances you can use to make holiday recipes even easier to cook. Before you get fun and festive at your own holiday party this year, take a look at my 7 favourite small kitchen appliances. They can make great gifts too.

1. Mix things up with a stand mixer

stand mixer holiday parties

If I want to bake up huge batches of cookies or holiday cakes, the only kitchen tool I really, absolutely have to have before a party is a stand mixer. With the included paddle and deep bowl, there’s nothing a stand mixer can’t whip, beat, or stir.

You can also find some party-ready stand mixer attachments that work with some types of stand mixers. With attachments, you can make ice cream, whip up a batch of ravioli to share, or use a heated mixing bowl to make fondue.

2. Set up a holiday espresso bar

You can whip up a gingerbread latte, add some eggnog to an Americano, or make deluxe hot chocolate for everyone at the party when you have an espresso machine. You can choose all types of espresso machines, from super-automatic to manual, so they are easy for everyone to use. You can set everything up and your guests can make their favourite hot drink on demand.

A good holiday party tip? Brush up on your barista skills before you host your party. That way, if it’s cold outside, you can offer your guests a long list of custom hot beverages too.

3. Make mixed drinks for everyone with a soda maker

When you set up a holiday bar, it will usually include bottles of soda. But when you have a soda maker, you can make custom soda creations for your guests. A soda maker is simple to use and all you need to do is add water, push on it a few times to infuse carbonation (or press a button), and you have bubbly soda or sparkling water.

There is a variety of different soda syrup you can choose from, and you can control how much syrup you add to adjust the sweetness of your drink. It’s one of the best ways to mix both alcohol-based and non-alcoholic drinks.

4. Make dinner for a crowd with a specialty appliance

multi purpose small appliance

Holiday dinner parties are one of the best parts of the festive season. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to cook for a crowd when you have a specialty appliance. There are small appliances that combine an air fryer with an oven so you can use it for more than one style of cooking. You can make steak or chicken strips, then whip up a loaf of bread or bake up a plate of apps. Some multifunctional appliances have features like Auto Pilot to cook everything perfectly every time you bake or air fry.

There are also specialty appliances to help you whip up custom cuisine. You can choose a pizza maker or pizza oven to make thin-crust pizza or set up a retro popcorn maker to make popcorn for a holiday movie night. You could also use a cotton candy maker for sweet treats at a kid’s holiday party or an ice cream maker to make candy cane ice cream.

5. Indoor grills let you BBQ year round

Winter isn’t usually the time of year for BBQing, but you can still enjoy a cozy steak dinner with a loved one or friends. An indoor grill makes it easy to cook up cuts of steak or other meat, poultry, vegetables, fish, and more. You get to grill indoors where it’s warm, and there are some indoor grills that are large enough to grill for a crowd.

6. Frozen drink machine

frozen drink maker holiday parties

A margarita bar is a great addition to any holiday party, and you can whip up drinks for everyone with a blender or frozen drink machine. A blender can crush ice and blend your drinks up perfectly, or you can choose from one of the different types of frozen drink machines. Place it on a table with a bit of festive holiday decor and you’ll have a line up of people waiting for a cold holiday beverage.

7. Ice makers

Instead of hauling in bags of ice for your holiday party, why not add a freestanding ice maker to your kitchen? Ice makers sit on your countertop and they can make and store cubed ice, crushed ice, or craft ice. They are a great addition to any kitchen, especially when you’re hosting a party.

ice maker

Are you ready for holiday parties?

There is so much to look forward to this holiday season, and with these 7 small appliances in your kitchen, every party you host will be a success. Check out all of the small appliances that will make every holiday party great, now available at Best Buy.

Shelly Wutke
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