Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition

Super Bomberman R Shiny EditionBomberman is back on PlayStation and Xbox

Finally, after an eight-year hiatus on PlayStation and Xbox systems, the king of multiplayer games is making its return with Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition. Bomberman and I go all the way back to 1989 on the NES. Ever since then, I have been blowing up enemies with my friends on just about every system the franchise has been released on. So, when I heard this game was coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One I was super excited to start playing.

Let’s take a look at what the latest entry in to the franchise has to offer and see if Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition is a worthy addition.

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition

Game Details

Platform(s): PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Developer(s): Konami Digital Entertainment and HexaDrive
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Action, maze
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+)

Stop Professor Buggler and save the universe

As with other Bomberman games in the series, Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition features a story mode. Though the story modes in Bomberman games are never really the selling point in the series, Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition’s story mode is pretty fun.

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition’s story starts out when the evil Professor Buggler reawakens the Five Dastardly Bombers: Magnet Bomber, Golem Bomber, Phantom Bomber, Plasma Bomber, and Karaoke Bomber. The evil mastermind, Professor Buggler, uses the Five Dastardly Bombers to seize control of the five main planets in the Starry Sky solar system.

Anyone who disagrees may challenge the Five Dastardly Bombers themselves. So, the White Bomberman takes his seven not-so-enthusiastic brothers and sisters with him on his quest to defeat Buggler and save the universe! Okay, so its not the most original story—but it gets the job done and gives you a reason to taken on Professor Buggler one more time.

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition

Amusing personalities

One of the things that I like best about Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition is that each character has their own unique personalities. You’ll even notice that half of the Bomberman characters have rounded heads instead of square heads, and two have been retooled into female Bomberman.

White is still the “big brother” of the group, and never gives up. While on the other hand, Blue lives the life of leisure and can fall asleep whenever, wherever, and for however long.
My absolute favourite Bomberman has to be Aqua. She is the youngest of all and looks like a polite, gentle young girl. However, if you get on her bad side—she transforms into a wild berserker who battles violence with violence. She is awesome!

You’ll also find some of your favourite classic Konami characters included such as Dracula, Simon Belmont, Jehuty and Anubis from Zone of the Enders, Goemon, Princess Tomato and more. The best thing is, these characters all have special abilities that make them unique. And, with the latest update, one of the nine new characters is none other than Solid Snake Bomber voiced by David Hayter.

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition

Console exclusive characters

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition features console exclusive Bomberman characters with special attacks. PlayStation 4 owners get an exclusive Ratchet & Clank Bomberman character voiced by the original voice actors Arnold Taylor and David Kaye.

On the other hand, Xbox One owners are treated to their own console exclusive character, Master Chief. As expected, Master Chief is voiced by the original voice action Steve Downes.

Classic Bomberman gameplay

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition’s story mode contains 50 levels with classic Bomberman gameplay. These levels require you to complete objectives that range from defeating all the enemies to walking over a certain number of switches. You’ll encounter a boss every 10 levels, and they are really fun to play against.

Each world has two boss levels, the first is against one of the Five Dastardly Bombers and the other is a fight against a giant machine version. After completing the story mode, which can be played with two players, you unlock the ability to buy all Five Dastardly Bombers in the game’s shop—using in game currency that you earn. You can then use them in online multiplayer.

Additionally, you can replay any world to earn more money. You earn money based upon the number of lives you have at the end of the level, the number of items you collect, and by not using any continues. Just remember though, you have to play the entire world, and you can’t just go back to each boss to collect your money. To be honest, I found playing the story mode with a second player made it a lot more fun than by myself. Though, that’s not to say single player isn’t fun—it’s just better with a friend.

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition

Improved AI

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition’s AI is no slouch. Even at the easiest level, it’s going to give you a good challenge throughout the game. It is particularly noticeable when it comes to the bosses. You must strategically place bombs in order to corner your opponent and defeat them.

However, the game’s AI does a great job in making it difficult to anticipate the boss’s move. Honestly, sometimes it was just good luck that helped me overcome these enemies. Regardless, don’t expect a cake walk coming into the game.

It’s not only the bosses that will give you a challenge, but the enemies leading up to the boss as well. Some can jump over obstacles, while others can teleport through walls. There is never really a pattern that I could see to these enemies either. So, you’ll need to be alert and try to anticipate what will happen next. I loved that even from one planet to the next, enemies were varied and kept things fresh.

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition

Multiplayer is where it’s at

As with previous games in the series, you’ll be buying Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition for its multiplayer goodness. It’s not always possible to get a bunch of friends together for local play, and that’s when Online mode comes in handy. Here you’re able to create matches with customized rules, or enter competitive league battles where you can rank up to challenge tougher player pools.

With over 30 battle stages, you’ll never get bored. Feel like bringing out that competitive edge? Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition has a ranked mode that allows you to play against other players online to see who is the supreme Bomberman player.

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition

Final Thoughts

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition is a welcomed addition to the Bomberman franchise. Complete with a solid multiplayer mode, a catchy sound track, and some very colourful visuals—this is one of the best party games this summer.

Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition’s League Battle, online ranked mode, and story mode will bring your competitive edge out and test your endurance. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Bomberman player? Let me know in the comments section below, what excites you most about Super Bomberman R Shiny Edition.

+ Accessible and energetic gameplay
+ Fun Story mode, playable solo or co-op
+ Nice 3D graphics
+ Refreshing boss fights
+ Incredibly fun multiplayer

– Single player mode can be tough at times
– Camera can be awkward at times


Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 3.5/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 4.5/5

Overall Rating: 3.9/5 (78%)

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